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As you are all aware I now have a training school and this training school is not just for me! Eeeeeek

Having taught over 1000 students now there are a few that stood out and caught my eye right from the off.  It’s not just about the work they produce, it’s their business brains.  There are so many bakers and small business owners who have amazing products, but don’t know how to sell them.  There are many key factors needed to get your business out there and seen by the right people.

It is time consuming but that’s why I am in this position now.  Yes, it’s long every night putting up posts, but social media is most certainly the best place to start.

I absolutely thrive off giving someone the leg up to evolve their own business. I worked from my converted garage, however not everyone has this luxury… whether it be funds or just simply not the space available!

I want my training school to give fellow bakers (with a business brain) the opportunity to hire the facilities and develop their businesses.  

Even though I have made my business a success I don’t cover all areas of cake making and decorating – My niche is floral cupcakes and that’s where it ends.  So to facilitate my students requirements I have brought in bakers to cover the areas that I don’t cover.

Pasha Hughes is my rising star 🌟 when she first came to one of my classes within minutes of her speaking myself and my admin team ran into my cake room to say ‘she’s got it’!!  Pasha understands social media and is very clever in marketing her company The Marble Cakery.  Stunning photographs, relevant #’s etc.  

Pasha produces amazing drip cakes, balloon cakes, popiscles, the list goes on.  

In my experience, students mostly want to know the basics.  How to cover a cake in buttercream (clean lines etc) not always the fancy stuff.   So Pasha will be running a class for this too making the most of my new custom designed facility.  

I also have the famous Angela from Angelacakes – Cake Designer from Scotland to come and teach a sugar flower class! Her flowers are beyond stunning and I myself will be attending this class. Exciting.

If you would like to hire my training school please contact me and we can discuss your product and ideas.

Bakers will rule the world one cupcake at a time 🌟🌟🌟

Happy piping

Jane x

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