Back to normal life!

If you’re anything like me the past two years have felt like 10 years! As much as I actually really enjoyed the first lockdown, come lockdown 3,690 I was over it.

My family are my life as you know but we were all going slightly stir crazy! With me getting frustrated with doing everything, and the kids needing to get out.

Dare I say, the end is in sight? Apparently on the 24th March covid will suddenly disappear and we can all go back to normal? Yay (I think)

But, I am going in full boar! Myself and @rockpoolcreative had the conversation about in person teaching. I haven’t had a class for over 2 years now due to covid so to actually be able to go ahead with them again is very exciting.

Fran and I love running location classes they are so much fun, however informative and professional the classes are we do have such a laugh with lots of banter. I love getting to know my students personally and forming a relationship. I am THE nosiest person out there so I love to hear about your backgrounds and family etc. I also love being able to physically help my students. For example if they are struggling with a flower I can actually get in there and hold their hands to show them how. Bit like the Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore scene in the film Ghost, minus the kissing and being naked. It’s usually just the angle of the piping bag or how they are holding it, so being able to get in there makes a massive difference.

So with this in mind I have released 5 location courses from 4th April – 8th April 2022. These will be held in my home in Kent and yes Parker will be there. Please do have a look through my 5 courses to see which one may suit your requirements.

I will also be releasing two 1:1 classes. If you’re not someone who likes a group environment and would prefer a one on one then this may suit your needs better.

As well as this I have been working hard behind the scenes, creating new buttercream flowers. I have to say these are probably my favourite bunch of blooms ever. Particularly my new Taylor Made Rose 🌹 it’s the most realistic rose I’ve ever piped and I’m over the moon. I was also asked by one of my students to create the gladioli in buttercream. This was quite challenging as gladioli are very tall. But, I got there in the end and I hope you’ll like it.

One of my amazing students Polia Shah from @happycakeplacebypolia wowed us all on my Facebook group which is for students who have purchased either a wrapping tutorial, a bundle or a collection course. Polia put a post up of a Lily, it is out of this world and the most realistic buttercream Lily I’ve ever seen. All of the students were asking her to do a tutorial but she didn’t feel comfortable filming as she’s only just started out. So I approached Polia to ask her if I could film it as it was far too pretty to not share. This would be a free tutorial (available on YouTube) as it’s not my design and I would never claim this as my design either, because it isn’t. She immediately agreed and gave me permission. We decided to name it ‘The Polia Lily’ it seemed quite apt.
Polia’s social handles are on the videos so she is credited. I cannot wait for you all to see it. Please share the love and follow Polia.

Thank you for allowing me to film your lily Polia it was an honour and I wish you all the success in the world darling.

So that’s a wrap from me, I really hope you love the new buttercream flowers as much as I do. I am also looking forward seeing my students pipe all of the new buttercream flowers and filling my social media feeds with their designs. I love seeing my students create beautiful buttercream blooms and even more when they put their own spin on them.

Just because I teach buttercream flowers, it doesn’t mean I don’t get inspired by other bakers. I absolutely do. My students make me so proud every single day.

Lots of love

Jane x

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