It’s the most wonderful time of the caking year! If you get it right!

Like with all big events it’s all down to being prepared. You need to decide first and foremost when your last day of working is going to be? And stick to it.

My last day for collections is always 23rd December. Christmas is my favourite time of year in the Taylor Household so I don’t want to spend the lead up to Christmas being stressed with people turning up late or not turning up at all and then wanting to arrive on Christmas Eve! Not on your Santa 🎅

Like with all big events keep it simple. Only offer what you know you can do easily and efficiently. Don’t suddenly decide to add a new flower that you haven’t quite mastered. I offer lots of different bakes for Christmas, all quick and easy.

I offer:

🎅🏻. Boxed buttercream Christmas trees, there is a free tutorial for these on my YouTube channel.
🎅🏻. Christmas tree platters.
🎅🏻. Simple Christmas cupcake bouquet in two different designs.
🎅🏻. Christmas elegance, again the tutorial for this is on my website, you simply change the colours to a festive theme.

That’s it!

I don’t allow the customers to change anything, you will always get a trier 🤣 don’t cave. State clearly and confidently this is what I am offering.

Make sure you take payment in full upfront. Because you know what will happen, they’ll book in with you, overspend on Christmas presents and you’ll be the first person they cancel on! Potentially without even telling you! But they won’t if they’ve paid up front.

I stop all other orders the week of Christmas. This allows me the few days before to completely prep for the busy days ahead. Get your bows ready, cups assembled, cellophane cut, tissue paper cut, boxes assembled labels ready, cupcakes baked and in the freezer, buttercream made and in the fridge.
It’s all so doable, just be organised and firm with your customers.

Remember to allow yourself some decent time off over Christmas. Yo need to recharge your batteries and start the new year with a clear head and business plan.

Please please make sure your T&C’s are up to date and your backside is covered.

Remember run your business with your head not your heart ❤️ and most of all have THE best Christmas.

Happy Festive Piping

Love Jane

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