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We are Frances & Emily from FES Enterprises and we are Jane’s marketing team. Jane has asked us to do a little blog on the “Do’s & Don’ts” of Social Media…

So often we get asked how you can just ‘make life easier’ and link all your social media accounts together. And every time our answer is the same. Please don’t! 

People often post to Facebook and automatically have it linked to twitter…where you get that weird cut off sentence and FB URL.  What use is that for your company? 

Let’s say I am an avid fan of your ‘Handmade Socks Shop’…I love your socks and I am your ideal follower…I follow you everywhere! Why would I want to read about your new style of red striped socks on all of your social media formats!? Is that pair of socks any different on Pinterest to what it is on twitter? The answer is… not really. 

In addition the platforms are just not the same thing! They all have different functionality and are all as different mediums.  Let’s break some down;

Twitter is a microblogging facility..short bursts of information! In keeping with trends using hashtags. And although Twitter may have increased its character allowance,  it is still and should be used as a micro blogging site…with the all important hashtags! Twitter is really great for business-to-business interaction. 

Facebook is a social networking site. Status updates and posts can be as long as you want although we would recommend 40-50 characters for optimum post engagement. Hashtags on Facebook was a new introduction as of 2013,  and to start, it worked well…ish. But it is now a well known fact that posts that contain hashtags on Facebook just don’t perform as well. The reach is less and the interaction weaker (however the odd funny one wouldn’t do any harm).

Instagram is a high quality image based social media platform. High res pictures and interesting hashtags. Trends changing daily and hashtags to follow. It’s a business image collection. 9-11 hashtags is the optimum amount. Insta stories are a dream come true for anyone with great posts and content…use to your advantage!

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. People use Pinterest to discover and save ideas and visual concepts. URL’s can be posted to your websites but not a hashtag to be seen! 

LinkedIn is the online business networking tool it is not just a CV or profile— it’s a platform to connect with other businesses. People engage with your business from a business perspective. People like full blogs on LinkedIn. 1500-2200 words ish, 4-6 images. 

Now imagine trying to write, a status that is Facebook friendly – 40 characters, Instagram ready; high res image with 9-11 hashtags, that can then go on LinkedIn…. where are the other 1450 words coming from?! It just doesn’t work and it’s bad practice.  People don’t read the 300 words you put on Insta…what a waste of your time! 

If you want to use something where your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram can all be run from one place…Hootsuite or Crowdfire is your apps for that. 

Daily posts are the way forward… seems like a lot to do doesn’t it…well use a scheduling facility! This will really ease the load for you.

Remember, it’s better to have one platform run well than 10 run badly. 

F & E x  www.fesenterprises.co.uk

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