Never when I started teaching in February did I think I would love it as much as I do!

Even though I obviously have to be professional and teach everything I possibly can in the 4 hours! There is and always will be so much laughter.

My older girls sometimes have to be upstairs in their bedrooms while I’m teaching, if it’s at the weekend! And my eldest daughter always says to me are you sure they actually learn anything because all I can here is laughter! It’s so much fun, not just the teaching but getting to know my students, their lives and all of their wonderful stories! Most become friends which I love 💗

I still have those moments just before they arrive, panicking that one day there will be someone that’s very difficult but over 200+ students later my fears are unfounded!

So many of my students arrive saying “I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m going to be rubbish!” That moment when they assemble their cupcake bouquets and see all of their buttercream flowers beautifully arranged! The expressions on their faces is what makes my job the best job in the world! The pride and astonishment that they have produced these beautiful bouquets!

My last class was definitely one of my favourites! 5 very happy ladies left my home beaming! None of them knew each other before the class but asked at the end if they could come back and do another class together next year ! Amazing!

So I want to say a massive heartwarming thank you to all of my students for your continued support and amazing sense of humours.

Jane x

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