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Well isn’t this all a bit strange! When ever in our lives have we had to do this? Errr never….

For me and my family it’s actually been lovely, having all of my children except one who’s moved out, in one place at the same time.

But.. becoming a year 4 and a year 7 teacher overnight was not on my bucket list 🤣 but we’ve ploughed through it, some days lots of tears other days no tears. At the end of the day I’m not a teacher (well that’s not strictly true). Just not in the right area 🤣

For me teaching my children life skills is far more important than sitting at a table learning from a book.

Oliver (9) my only boy now knows how to use the washing machine and is a dab hand at mopping 👇🏻

Alexia’s cooking skills are now off the scale. All of my other children know how to cook anyway, for me it’s really important, and how to run a house.

We are on week 3 here and the last two days have been quite testing. I’m missing my friends terribly which sounds sad as I’m 44 years old but they are all a massive part of my life and their children are like my own. So not cuddling them all is killing me right now. Still it will all end and as the Queen said ‘We will meet again ‘ which by the way made me sob. Purely because this is what it must have been like in the war for our grandparents.

Difference is most of us can be with our families and not being evacuated like my Nan was 😭so for that we must be thankful.

Anyway, (Alexia 11) is a child that constantly needs to be occupied so I came up with a plan!

‘You can film me piping some flowers for YouTube Lex!’
“Yes” she exclaimed… the excitement didn’t last for long though. I thought I positioned us in the perfect place, lighting was good no noises from anything, perfect. Just as I get almost to the end of the first video in walks Grace (19) “Mum what you doing?” grrrrrrr

“Well Grace we were filming, now we’ve got to do it again.” … So got ready again, half way through someone decides to go for a number 2 right above the room we were in 🙈 flushes the toilet slams the door…

Take 3, I forgot what I was even piping and called it 3 different flowers🤣 “Oh Mum seriously” so we took a break and then decided it would be better in the lounge because it’s furthest away from anyone.

Perfect it went really well 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Lex then said to me at the end, “Seriously mum does it take that long for every video you make?” Hahaha 😂 No darling I don’t usually have a house full of 7 people.

So here’s my Hydrangea and an easy buttercream flower tutorial for you all to enjoy.

Even if you’ve never piped before give it a go and after all this madness you may have a new business venture.

Happy piping!

Stay home & stay safe,

Jane x

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