If you’re anything like me the past year has been really hard! Obviously!

Blooming COVID putting all of our lives on hold.

Fran from Rockpool Creative and I have been besties for the past 13 years.  There wasn’t a day went by when we didn’t see each other.  We have children the same age and they have been close since the day they were born.  So for the past year it’s been really difficult, them not just calling into my home impromptu or just for a cuppa.  So when we managed to get our videographer to come and film for the day it was beyond exciting.  A bit of normality, don’t worry we all had tests and practiced social distancing blah blah blah… 

It felt normal and we laughed a lot.. something that everyone requires on a daily basis.. laughter is the best medicine.

The biggest filming session ever! 7.5 hours later we finished.  12 new flowers and lots of new content for YouTube.  I’m so happy with the flowers and I hope you are too..

Here they are:


The Taylor Made Poppy

The Taylor Made Protea Collection (5 flowers)

The Taylor Made Hellebore Onyx

The Taylor Made Mona Lisa Anemone

The Taylor Made Delicate Petal Rose

The Taylor Made mini roses with buds

The Taylor Made Delicate petal mini roses

Easy dahlia tutorial on YouTube

How to achieve, Dusky pink, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Green

How to box your cupcake bouquets – Included in Wrapping tutorials & Bundles

The poppy for me is my favourite as I’ve been trying to pipe this for years and you know what I’m like unless it looks real I won’t use it.  The idea came to me in the middle of the night which quite often happens with me which is why I have a notepad next to my bed.  I swear it was my Grandad sending me the idea hahaha.  He was a Standard-Bearer for the Royal British Legion so it was so important for me to get it right and make him proud.  He isn’t with us now so I hope he is looking down one me and feeling as proud as I am right now.

Happy Piping 

Jane x 

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