To say I’m overwhelmed is the biggest understatement of the century..

Fran and Emily from Rockpool creative have been saying to me for years they want to see you face?


After much bullying, and yes I am using the word bullying because they were very aggressive, I gave in.. starting with a post on Instagram with my face in it 🙈 The response was very humbling and of course had to swallow my pride and admit they were right. I totally get why people want to see the face behind the business but seriously..

They bullied me again and said it doesn’t stop there you now need to do videos! Whattttttttt… now I’m used to doing videos (of my hands) that is fine.

Again, I gave in and started recording stories for Instagram. Now, I’ve always helped my students that is without question. I do not keep any secrets and anything that is asked I answer. But no one had to see my face!

I don’t know what it is with us women? Actually I do, it’s fear of judgement.. now I know I’m no genius or even pretend to be intelligent (that is quite apparent in my blogs with my appalling vocabulary) but this is me, I am me, I cannot change who I am.. I am as sarcastic as they come!You’ve probably noticed if you’ve been watched my stories. I’m not very eloquent and I don’t suffer fools gladly, but I do have principles and morals.

So I just had to be me.. Jane Taylor, 44 years old, quite a large bottom, wrinkles and all.. mother of 5 beautiful children and 2 successful businesses. I want my students to have the same as me (not 5 kids or quite a large bottom) but successful businesses.

I’ve been through all the rubbish to stop you all having to deal with it. I want you all to succeed and be wealthy which you can be in this industry despite what some might say. You just need to be prepared to work hard and practice hard. So many people in this industry are so secretive, which I do understand to a certain extent but not enough to make me stop telling you all everything I know.

A lot of the time this is because the other bakers see you as a threat! You could potentially end up better than them? My answer, work harder then!
As I’ve said millions of times before there is enough business in this world for EVERYONE!

One thing I do have an issue with is manners! So many people write on my Instagram and Facebook posts with questions like this: ‘what tip number?’ ‘Buttercream recipe?’ Just to clarify I will never answer you. Whether there is a language barrier or not people are taught manners! Use them..

Anyway I’m going off piste.. the messages I have received over the past 3 weeks since posting on stories have been just beautiful and made me quite emotional to be honest, messages of support. So many thank yous for being real, genuine, open to all.. yes that is what I’m all about. The way I see it is if I have a student asking me a question and I don’t answer them and they muck something up, that is a reflection on me! I want you to succeed and I will do anything I can to make you succeed.. sometimes with a harsh talking too to tell you to put your big girl pants on and go for it.

I am so damn proud of all of my students.. majority have learnt online and are running successful businesses, for some leaving their full time employment to set up on their own.. it’s amazing and I am so proud.

This too can be you.. so if you’re reading this and contemplating whether to do it? Just do it ✔️

Thank you all so much for your continued support! You’ll find me everyday in my stories on Instagram 🙄 talking cake, kids, dogs and me!

Love Jane x

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