Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the response I had for showing my face on Instagram stories!!!

It literally has taken my business to the next level, if that is even possible!  I was already flat out with social media DM’s etc but as soon as I showed my face on Instagram it opened up a whole new world of followers and new students.

I am so proud to say that since I started doing Instagram stories in  January I have gained 1000’s of new students.  All flourishing into beautiful pipers and business owners,  nothing makes me more proud than receiving a message from one of my students telling me they’ve taken the jump and launched their new Cupcake Bouquet Business.  Some even giving up their full time employment because they are so busy.  I’m not in the least bit surprised as they are all amazing.

My days now are taken up with designing new cupcake bouquets to inspire my students and to up my own game.  It’s no good sitting on your laurels and assuming everything you do is enough.  My drive is, and always has been to push myself and business to its full potential.  I am also drumming this into my students too… push yourselves, get out of your comfort zone, the feeling you get when you’ve mastered new buttercream flowers is exhilarating.  I still have this now!  Fran @rockpoolcreative will talk to me and say come on ‘Cakey Janet’ we need some new flowers!  This always breaks me out into a sweat as sometimes I think, I can’t do anymore.  But as always she knows I will bring the goods.

I get all of my inspiration from Google, searching and researching florists and images of real flower bouquets.  My aim over the last 3 months is to add texture, height and using different colour combinations for my cupcake bouquets.  I enjoy this part of my job so much.  It can become very boring piping the same bouquet day in day out.  So this for me, excites me and drives me to be better.

As you will see from my last set of buttercream flower videos, I discovered the King Protea from one of my lovely students in South Africa.  So I researched the Protea and started piping.  You can look at a flower and analyse it to see the shape of the petal and what tip would work.  I had so much fun making these.  I was worried though as they are very different to our flowers here in the UK and wasn’t sure of the response from my followers and my students.  Well as usual I was completely wrong and everyone went mad for them.  Phew!!

As soon as Adam from OYFE Productions had finished filming my last bunch of buttercream flowers I found my creative juices flowing once more and just by chance came up with so many more new flowers.  For instance the crocuses, I love these little flowers so Im over the moon I’ve managed to turn these into buttercream beauties.

Now, you will probably find that you have nozzles that you don’t know how you ended up with? Well that’s me! The nozzle I used for the crocuses I don’t even remember purchasing but hey I had a play and they are what I came up with.

My proudest achievement on this bunch of Taylor Made Flowers are my new Hand-piped Tulips… So many of my students and even myself, sometimes struggle with these little blighters.  They are so unpredictable and can stress you out no end.  So again using a nozzle I didn’t know I had I have designed the tulips.. The possibilities are endless with these Hand-piped tulips, I’m so proud and they will be a game changer for those who simply cannot get to grips with the Russian nozzles.  Also they are not available anywhere at this time.  Win, Win!

There are so many new flowers for you all to further your piping skills and take your cupcake bouquets to the next level.  So I hope you enjoy them as much as I have inventing them.


The DM’s I receive from Instagram are insane hahahaha up to 800 a day.  So I just wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for all of my lovely followers who simply message me to thank me for helping them.  So sweet.   I find this very strange and disturbing at the same time!  Most of them saying Thank you for replying, and my willingness to help! Most people charge for this… WHAT!!!!!!

I’m not MOST people! I want to help you all to be successful and the best you can be.. What could I possibly gain from not helping you?  People seem to see other bakers as a threat, they are not! Thats just in your own head.  There is enough work in this world everyone so be kind and be friendly.  We all need a helping hand sometimes so what better way than to ask for help from a fellow baker.  I didn’t have this help at the beginning.. Most of the responses I used to get was ‘Google it” Umm that’s nice isn’t it! I would never do this to any of you.  It’s not my way… I am ‘The Taylor Made Way’ and I stand by that.  

Now, as you can probably imagine and appreciate my admin has gone up ten fold.  I outsource my admin and tech as I am busy designing  new flowers, completing orders and liaising with my students. So in light of this, I have had to have my first price increase in 3 years.  As of the 1st May I will have to pay VAT which is good problem but it’s been really hard having to increase my prices but I am running a business, so I hope you’ll understand.  All of the prices you see on my website will include VAT so no big surprises at check-out ! This also gives me the opportunity to talk to you about ROI.  Return on Investment.  This is something a lot of people don’t take into consideration, if you purchase one of my bundles, you can earn back that investment in one day by you selling two or three of your bouquets! This is a skill for life and can take you to places you never dreamed of! Look at me!

So again I would like to thank you for your continued support and love.  I really hope enjoy my new Taylor Made Flowers!!

Carry on practising and being fabulous.

Love Jane x 

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