If you’re working part time or full time and are looking for extra income? Then running a side line cake business is the way to go.

There are a few things you need to put in place but it’s not time consuming!

•   You will need to register your business as a sole trader with your government and local council.
•   You will need to contact your house insurance provider to notify them that you are running a business from your home! 
•   You will need to get business insurance just to cover you for any eventuality !
•   You will also need a level 2 health and hygiene certificate! You can do this online and trust me it’s just common sense questions.

Organisation is key 🔑

Because you work you will need to be ahead of the game!

•   Bake large batches of cupcakes and freeze! (You can pipe straight onto a frozen cupcake) By batch baking you are also saving money on your energy bills!
•   Batch make your buttercream!  I used to make 10 double batches for my week ahead, this allows you surplus for last minute orders!
•   Buttercream will last in the fridge for as long as the expiry date on the pack of butter!
•   Assemble your bows, boxes and cut tissue paper and cellophane ready!
•   So all you have to do when you get home from work is pipe! 


You don’t need 20 different rolls of cellophane or 300 different coloured tissue paper!
• Stick to one patterned roll of cellophane
• One colour acid free tissue paper (natural) goes with all cupcake bouquet colours and designs!
• One colour pull bows! I recommend sage green as again it goes with all colours and designs.
• Minimal nozzles, if you’re just starting out you would need 4 tops.
• One pack of piping bags.

You don’t even need to invest in my courses there are so many free flowers available on my YouTube channel. If you wanted to purchase my wrapping tutorial that is £30 so you would only have to make 1 cupcake bouquet to get your return on investment.

•   Social media advertising is free, so plug your business for all it’s worth! 


Remember this is your business so you dictate what hours and days you want to work and be available to potential customers. Don’t be swayed by customers, only agree to your fixed days and hours.


Remember you are appealing to the gift market not the cake market!
•   Your cupcake bouquets or your floral cupcakes are works of art!
•   They are not vanilla cupcakes with a Mr Whippy topping and a few sprinkles!  So your pricing should reflect that!
•   Don’t be swayed by customers wanting discount for multiple orders!
•   The same level of work goes into two as it does one so why discount your worth? 

Most important of all is your mindset!

If you believe in your business and your brand only good things will happen.

Love Jane x

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