Are you thinking about starting a business?

There are a few things you need to do beforehand so that you are ready for the future.  I will list what I have found useful whilst setting up my business 8 years ago….

I also have a complete business course, available below…

“This is the best business course for cakes I have ever taken. The amount of information, help & knowledge gained from this is truly invaluable. I have never received this kind of information before. I feel so confident to go forward & succeed with my business. I really can’t thank Jane, Fran & Emily enough. I’m now looking forward of being part of group going forward with our business. Very exciting times ahead ❤️Xx”

Taylor Made Business Course

I am proud to now offer my online business course! For a while now I have contemplated this concept and as always I listen as much as I can to my students, so many of you have requested this, the time has come! As most of you know, I am a mother of five children, previously until the launch of my business, I was a homemaker and stay at home mum. By recording this course in 5 modules, I am able to give you a full breakdown of all of the tips, tricks, ideas and errors I have had as a home baker over the years.

I have work very closely with my marketing team FES Enterprises/Rockpool Creative , as so much of what you ask is tied into their advice and work too. They are with me during these pre recorded videos, so you can watch us interact in our empowering (and humorous) way.

The modules –

How to set up
Good kitchen practice, preparation & organisation
The nitty gritty
Marketing & Social Media


The reason I created all of my courses, especially this course, is because at the very beginning of my baking journey I searched high and low for a business course which would help me along my way, which was friendly but experienced in tone and not a stuffy intimidating lecture LOL. There wasn’t one! This course is created to help you up a step, move you forward and encourage you along the way and guide you with our combined experience.

If you are looking for a super formal course, this isn’t for you. If you are looking to learn from experience, you have come to the right place.

Don’t forget, every purchase of this course grants you entry into the Taylor Made Business Community on Facebook, which is filled with likeminded small business start up owners, just like you.

PLUS once you have purchased the course you will be eligible to join the Taylor Made Business Community on Facebook. Just enter your order number.


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Terms & Conditions Template

Don’t forget those all important Terms & Conditions! You will see here you are able to purchase my T&C’s to annotate for yourself. 


Order Process & Order Form Template Download 


Just £5!

You will find in this digital download a PDF which details the process in which you can take your orders, a helpful order form which you can duplicate for your internal admin, a seperate blank form you could copy or send to your customers AND product after care advice you can also send to your customers.


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