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Over the years I have listened to my students and done my best to answer any questions they have; from everything to piping flowers to marketing their business. 

I do not hold back in sharing my hints and tips and passing on my tried and tested methods and suppliers.

On this page you will find your way to some of this information, I hope you find it helpful!



Commonly Asked Questions

You would be surprised how often the same questions come up, asking about everything from equipment to techniques, wrapping and more. We have compiled a list of these with the answers, check them out.

The Taylor Made Buttercream recipe

Would you like to know how I make my buttercream and cupcakes? You can download the video for free with any other purchase or you can watch it on my YouTube.

Need help purchasing & accessing your courses?

Not sure how to purchase your online courses? Need some technical help with accessing them? 
See ‘how to’ here.

Tips and Tricks of the Taylor Made Trade

Would you like to know how I achieve my colours, or how I photograph my cakes? Maybe you would like to watch some example courses for FREE? 

Looking for help with something else?

I have written lots of blogs on what equipment I use, business tips, how to choose your colours and how important it is to value your cakes properly. 


We hope that you find this website easy to navigate and find the information that you need but should you run into any difficulty then please contact the technical team here.

We hope that these FAQ’s are helpful in answering any questions you have but if there is anything else we can help you with then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

I live in another country, can I purchase your courses?

Absolutely, that’s why I use a Paypal for payments.

How do I pay for your courses?

I use Paypal as it is the safest way to pay online. And Paypal accepts all currencies!

Do I need a Paypal account?

No you don’t need a Paypal account to use Paypal online.

How many times can I watch the videos I have purchased?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can watch your purchased videos.

Why do I need to sign up to buy online courses?

You need to sign up so that when you come back to rewatch your videos you have purchased, they are there ready for you to watch again and again!

Why can't I watch the videos I have purchased before?

You have to sign in again using your email or Facebook related email…If this is still not working try clearing your history or refreshing your page

How much information do I get when I buy an online course?

I will tell you and show you in detail what you need to do to pipe each of your flowers The ‘Taylor Made’ Way.


I have lots of questions to ask you about my buttercream etc. How do I ask you these?

Once you buy the wrapping course, you are eligible to join my online community, and will receive an email with a link.In this group you will be able to see lots of tips, tricks and more!

Why would I purchase your 'How to pipe buttercream frosting flower' courses rather than watch on YouTube?

I have spent over 2 years, and made over 1000 bouquets…and therefor piped over 8350 flowers! Now I can show you my ‘Taylor Made Way’ to pipe flowers. The most effective, realistic and (eventually) easy way to pipe. 

What are the 'rules' about mentioning Taylor Made Cakes when using the flowers as part of my business?

I would be so happy for you to start your business using my flower tutorials! I have over 1000 professional bakers making my designs and using them in their own beautiful bouquets and individual cupcakes.  However, teaching my designs as your own, for your own gain for social media reach, website interaction, brand awareness and for financial benefit, is a breach of copyright under my artistic works. I will follow any and all incidents and findings to the maximum of the copyright law. 

I bought the Wrapping course, when will I get my Facebook Online Community link?

You will receive an email within 24 hours.


Do you have disabled access and facilities at your premises?

Taylor Made Headquarters has ample parking and ramps for easy accessibility. I have enough space and facilities for up to 12 guests.

Do we get to take the cakes away with us from the location courses?

Of course! You will all be taking your beautiful and delicious creations home with you… if there are any left after tasting that is! 

Where do the location courses take place?

Taylor Made Hen Parties take place at Taylor Made Headquarters, my custom designed unit in Smarden, Kent. I have everything we will need to make your party a fun filled event with bags of laughter and enough space to accommodate up to 12 of your guests.

*Weekdays and Saturdays only.

What do we need to bring with us to the location courses?

All you need to bring with you is a clean apron and all of your enthusiasm! You are more than welcome to bring snacks and drinks along with you or ask me for ideas to make the day extra special!

*Please note Taylor Made Headquarters is a completely nut free premises.


81 Colonel Stephens Way, St Michaels Tenterden TN30 6EW, United Kingdom

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