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Jane Taylor

My name is Jane Taylor and I have lived in a beautiful corner of South East England for all of my life. My house, and the home of my five beautiful children is where it all began, I created Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden from our home. When Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden took off, its success was a very pleasant but unexpected surprise – my creations were suddenly in high demand and I was making money doing something that I loved to do, what could be better?!

I piped my first ever cupcake bouquet in February 2015.  Just before Valentine’s Day.  I sold this first ever cupcake bouquet to my husband’s boss.  He loved it and gave it to his wife.  When I look back it now, I think it was probably terrible but at the time I was super proud.  I’ve never looked back, we all have to start somewhere and each day you will improve and become more confident.


When I use to pipe full time for my customers it became apparent that other people wanted to learn this art.  I was asked on a daily basis if I teach how to pipe buttercream flowers.  The answer was NO to start with, but at some point you have to listen and act on all of these signs that are being shown.

The eventual question that cropped up along side my success was “what is the next step? How can I expand this and use it to help other bakers all over the world share in the success that I was achieving?”

Jane Taylor


I Share, so you can Succeed

Seeing my students learn and run successful businesses is now what feeds my desires on a daily basis. How could I not have enormous pride in every one of my students, and for myself.

Piping buttercream flowers and teaching The Taylor Made Way to my students is all that my life now consists of. I practice “abundance thinking” and I accredit my success to this way of life. Its absolutely what has gotten me to where I am today and I love to teach this way of life and thinking to my students.

My willingness to help others and not be secretive about how I got my success is what I feel separates me from other bakers and teachers. I care deeply about my students and I only wish them every success in all that they do.

Helping others to succeed in this competitive but open industry became THE main focus and truly what it is all about for me. I found a passion in teaching which I never knew I had in me, and from there Taylor Made Cake Courses was born.

Learn, Adapt & Grow

I use to run face to face and 1:1 classes before I started online courses. Unfortunately Social Distancing and Covid measures, as well as it just not being possible to do it all at once, I put a stop to this entirely however this was an amazing way to meet new people and share my passion with others.

I will however hopefully be releasing a few 1:1 classes in 2022 because I just LOVE the 1:1 setting which allows me to see my students learn in person and leave my home with a box of beautiful buttercream flowers that they have piped – nothing beats passing on that knowledge!


I realised once my dreams began to come true and my tutorials were in huge demand that I was alienating students from other countries, the Taylor Made Way needed to be available internationally, and so it began. Being able to reach students worldwide is just amazing… from Australia to America, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, the reach is endless.

I found with in person classes that although students learned so much they would often forget techniques once they went home, so having my tutorials online means that you can keep going back to refer to them as you learn and grow. I also found that online students were quicker at picking up The Taylor Made Way.

I am Proud of all my students

How could I not LOVE teaching what I have learned to willing, like minded individuals with a passion for this craft. People view my online classes not knowing how to pipe buttercream flowers, the next day they CAN pipe buttercream flowers!!!!! This brings me so much joy and pride for each and everyone of my students.

When a student is being hard on themselves, I am able to give them a reality check, because I have been there, I have learned the hard way and I want my students to tread an easier path.

Could you do this art yesterday? No, but, with my courses, now you can!!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!

Another natural step forward for me was creating the Baking Cheerleaders program! The idea stemmed from the many heartbreaking messages I was receiving. Students and followers began to message me explaining how they were about to give up because of “nasty comments” and fellow bakers posting discouraging and frankly, mean posts to their business pages – putting them down for their work!

Who does this? If you can’t “big up” and encourage your fellow bakers then you shouldn’t be in this industry. That is my wholehearted opinion and I will stand by it forever.

Karma is another aspect of my life that I swear by both professionally and personally and try to share with my students. I want there to be millions of successful baking business owners, being in charge of their own businesses and lives. Hand in hand with Abundance Thinking, Karmic values and beliefs are so important if you want to succeed in both life and business.

This is one of the many reasons, in combination with Rockpool Creative and FES Enterprises we have now created a fantastic Business Courses available for purchase via my web shop.

Champion Each Other

It’s empowering to encourage and help each other. Frances and I attended Cake International this year and it became shockingly apparent to me that my students felt the need to tell me over and over again “you are so encouraging and positive”! Like this was not expected of me, or indeed of you as students and fellow bakers. Not many bakers give out “tips”, “secrets” or “insider knowledge” for free but it has always been important to me to provide students with the basics for free, you will find a wealth of FREE Taylor Made Way tutorials on my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, and if you have a question to ask me, chances are I will answer you openly and honestly before you spend a penny on my tutorials.

Baking Cheerleaders holds the essence of this spirit and as my students I hope you would do the same for those who will inevitably come behind you.

While I still do bake for my local “fans”, friends, family and I accept as many orders as I can fit in whilst raising my family of five gorgeous children and equally as gorgeous husband. Teaching and helping others up this ladder is where the real magic and, my happiness comes from.

Taylor Made Trained

Taylor Made Trained was born to help my students get a leg up onto that “ladder”. By having your website and/or your social media handles on a “back link” from my websites your reach and your digital presence will increase. If you are a member of TMT I will showcase you on my Instagram stories and posts AND you will be listed on my Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden website for my personal customers to use for finding bakers approved by me and essentially passing on orders in and your around your area.

I have so much pride for my students, I feature them all here on my website! I am not an emotional person, courtesy of my upbringing, but my students make me cry on a regular basis! They are all just amazing and the pride I have for them knows no bounds.

Become listed as a member of Taylor Made Trained and have your profile on our website along with guest blog, feature and so much more!

My Family are My World

Jane Taylor, cupcakes by jane taylor, jane taylor and family

I get asked a lot, what is my life like? It amazes me still that so many of you want to know so much about me, but as always, if you ask I will provide! My life is very busy, but my family come first every time! My husband Lee and my children are my biggest Cheerleaders.

My family understand the need I have to the best me I possibly can be.

Having not had the best childhood it is my main goal in life to break that cycle and be the best Mother and Wife I can be.

I am surrounded by a group of amazing friends, I couldn’t possibly live without them. We spend a lot of time together and this will never change. We laugh a LOT and we all need a bit of that, who doesn’t!

Cooking for my family and having them all home is my absolute favourite thing. It’s usually a Saturday night when my second eldest Georgia and her partner Joe come home for dinner, it makes me emotional every time! You’ve probably done it yourself? You sit back and look at them all laughing and bantering and you think to yourself… they are mine! I am SO proud of them all.

Recently we have had a new development in the Taylor Family – Many of you reading this may already be in the know, but for those of you who aren’t – My eldest Daughter Francie is pregnant with a little girl!!!! This little baby girl is more than just a grandchild… she is the icing on the cake of my beautiful family.

Due 22nd April. We are beyond excited, babies are gifts and a blessing, my first born having a baby is very emotional. I promise you all she will be on my Instagram stories with me as I will be looking after her when Francie goes back to work!

My older girls, Francie being one of them, were blessed to me from my previous marriage, they have been through a lot.. their biological father disowned them 10 years ago, and having to deal with that has been no easy task for my beautiful girls.

Lee, their DAD is a hero in my eyes, and theirs.. he loves them so much and has filled that void and then some.

This baby has bought us even closer together as a family, if that is even possible!!
Lee cried when he found out as many of you may have seen on Instagram, Francie is his girl, he has raised her and he is the Gramps to this baby. It’s a healing baby for Lee and I, we were expecting another baby after Oliver but this didn’t happen so for us.

I will be the best Nana I possibly can be, she will be so loved and cherished as will all of my grandchildren. Francie will be the best mother as well, I just know it.. she’s wanted this baby since she was 16 and now her dreams have come true. The best bit for us is the fact that this baby will live here with us. Kyle, Francie’s amazing partner is moving in so The Taylors will soon be a home of 8… too exciting.

“I am so close to all of our children, they are my everything. Lee is my ultimate rock, and he roots for me at any opportunity. I live a very full life, and for this I am eternally grateful.”

A day in the life of Jane Taylor

These days my typical day starts early, around 6.30, I’ve raised my children to be very independent so I don’t actually have to do anything for them to get them started on their typical day.

I am absolutely a tea addict so that’s always first on my agenda! As you’ve probably heard me on my Instagram stories, making an effort with myself is essential for me. Face on, hair done and nicely dressed is a must for my day.

If I dress nicely, I feel good, and this, I feel is reflected in my work.

Next up I take Oliver (my youngest) to school, I LOVE the time in the car with just me and him. It’s our half an hour of quality time. He is my only boy so I’m aware of how the girls can dominate the conversations in our home. We do all love to talk hahahahaha!!!!
Then it’s back home to clean the house up. I have OCD so this has to happen before I start work.
Instagram stories is first up on my work agenda, checking in with my students and followers and answering all the messages. There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of messages coming in and I make a point of answering each and every one of them, this is vital to the success of my business PLUS I love hearing from you all!

I don’t know about you, but when you message someone you expect an answer! So many people don’t respond to their messages and I find it rude, if someone has taken the time to ask me something I will always answer.

Next up in my busy day is designing new flowers and content for Instagram.

At least once a week I meet up with my friends for breakfast. We all love each others company and we laugh a lot. This is really important in our lives, it refuels me and gives me what I need to carry on with the week.

Before you know it it’s 3pm and its time to collect Oliver from school. Then it’s dinner, and all the other jazz that comes with a big family. It does feel like Groundhog Day most of the time but I LOVE my life so I’m happy and fulfilled.

Make a Business of it!

The cake industry is no different than any other industry. You will have your quiet times and you will have your manic times. Use your quiet times wisely to practice new designs and get ahead of content.

If you are having a lull, which we all do, get prepared for the next big event! Write a business plan for the following year, think about where you want your business to go in the future, this time is never wasted.

Being prepared is THE BEST tip I can give you. The more prepared you are the less stressed you will be. Batch bake your cupcakes, batch make your buttercream, I cover these subjects and tip more in my Business Courses. Always write your orders in the diary for the day before they are needed, always stay ahead of the game it gives you breathing room. 

I am forever telling my students “If I can do this, so can you” and that is the absolute truth. I run my business honestly, there are no secrets I will not part with when asked. For those who do not run their businesses and their lives this way – this is fine, each to their own, but for me, your success and watching your progress is what drives me forward everyday, determined to sell my courses and share my success.

The Future of Taylor Made

I’ve been asked so many times now to write a book! The answer is YES, as usual, I have listened and it’s being written as we speak. It won’t just be about cupcakes however, it’s more about MY JOURNEY and hopefully will give everyone the drive and passion to start their own small cake business. It’s all about empowerment. 

My other plans for the future are to achieve millions of Taylor Made students across the world all running their own successful businesses. Buttercream Flower World Domination For All!!!

Press, Events & Opportunities

I have been fortunate enough to be featured both locally, and worldwide in the Press throughout my career, something that is both incredibly humbling and exciting all at the same time! Please click here to see the Taylor Made Press Page.

I also was lucky enough in 20… to be given the SBS award for Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden! For those of you who don’t know about Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday award, each week Theo rewards small businesses that tweet him @TheoPaphitis and describe their businesses in one tweet – including the all-important hashtag #SBS. Only tweets made in the time slot between 5.00 PM and 7.30 PM each Sunday count. Its a Twitter based award and they hold an event every year.

Wow!! It’s an event I look forward to every year! Theo has a different guest speaker every year that talks about their experiences and I just learn so much. Its completely priceless for me and my business. I’ve taken little nuggets of wisdom from him and his guest speakers and I am practising them as we speak. It’s also integral to what I teach all of you. It is a wonderful event and a great opportunity to meet other like minded people running small businesses in all sectors and industries… PLUS, they put on a really good spread!!!

Attending these events and interacting with other business owners, both in and out of the baking industry is something I encourage every one of you to do – it blows my mind the way that people recognise and approach me! It’s so humbling to get the reactions I receive.


Cake International has been without a doubt the biggest eye opener. People approach me and say things such as ‘You’ve changed my life’, “I didn’t think I could do it until I found you” … there are no words to express how amazing this makes me feel – I think people relate to me because I’m real.
I say it as it is, and I do NOT hold back. I am absolutely no different to anyone else, I’m a mum, a wife and a friend who is trying to make a difference.
These days my whole aim and goal for my business and my working life is for my students to succeed. I spend most of my time coaching students with self belief rather than actual baking or piping techniques and instilling into you all that YOU can do this. That is what makes me truly happy these days. This is one of the many reasons I am currently writing a book (STAY TUNED FOR MORE ON THIS). Its not all about cake – its about success in all avenues of your life – The Taylor Made Way, the only way I know.

If you are looking only for industry specific advice and guidance then you can absolutely find it here at the Taylor Made Cake Courses website and within my blog – I have a vast knowledge of my industry and I am more than willing to share it ALL with you, all you have to do is look, and ask. BUT – This isn’t all The Taylor Made Way is about… There is so much more to it than baking and piping, I really hope to open up that door a little more and I invite you all to step through if that is what you are looking for.

Using Taylor Made Cake Courses

Each tutorial is designed to teach you how to pipe the Taylor Made Way. The great thing about these videos is, you can buy just one, two, or the whole package AND once you buy a video, its yours to keep, forever! You can refer to it as many times as you like until you master the Taylor Made botanical realism.

Choosing which videos are best for you is hard to gauge, mainly because some Taylor Made students class themselves as beginners and they most certainly are not! If you like a flower and want to pipe it, my advice is to buy it and have a go, whatever “level” it is.

I always recommend the Beginners Bundle, whatever level you may think you are because it’s a great starting block, It is where I started and I would be lost without the knowledge within it. Once you’ve mastered these flowers you will find all of the flowers I offer a breeze. The Beginners Bundle flowers are what I started with when I began my journey with buttercream flowers.

If you’ve never piped before then I would absolutely recommend the Beginners Bundle. Do take a look at my YouTube Channel where you will gain a wealth of knowledge about how I film and my style of teaching to gauge if it suits your needs.

The wonderful thing about purchasing a Taylor Made Bundle is all the extra downloads you get… the Beginners Bundle, for example, includes 13 flowers and how to assemble and wrap a 7 cupcake bouquet, not to mention my buttercream recipe & my cupcake recipe at your finger tips. A great starting block for all bakers. We all have to start somewhere.

Getting the colours right is what I’m asked about the most. I have so many colours videos on my YouTube channel and I talk about this all the time on Instagram stories and my IGTV channel. Head over and have a look!

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