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My name is Jane Taylor and I founded Taylor Made Cake Courses back in 2015 from my family home in Kent, UK. I have a wealth of experience gained over the years baking and piping cupcake bouquets for customers, and teaching my skills to others around the world via my online, and in person tutorials.

I have been really surprised at the many different reasons people have when choosing to take my courses: hobby bakers who wish to improve upon their skills, for mental health – a creative therapeutic therapy, professional bakers who wish to offer buttercream blooms as part of their baked goods range and many others who wish to just add to their skill set for dinner parties, gifts for family and friends and more. 

Taylor Made Cake Courses is more successful and diverse than I ever dreamed possible. My passion lies within teaching my craft to others, very few people truly love their job, and I am very privileged to say I am within those few!


Jane Taylor, Taylor Made Cake Courses

Behind the scenes I am constantly coming up with new designs, perfecting them and trying to make them as realistic as possible before I release tutorials for them to you all on my web shop. Until they look realistic, I will keep practising, after all, you all deserve ONLY THE BEST!

The most recent development in the Taylor Made Cakes collection is my Business Courses, these are now available for purchase and there are more to come! Again, I have been asked so many times for the information held within these courses that it was a no brainer to film and produce them along side Rockpool Creative and FES Enterprises.

Remember, you can message me anytime on Instagram, this is where I spend most of my online time, so this is the best place to reach me. I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Best Selling Courses

Taylor Made Apron

I recently released my Taylor Made Apron – After purchasing so many aprons in the past, they never quite ticked all my boxes! They were either not wide enough for my big hips, or they didn’t have a pocket in the front for my phone or whatever else I needed at that time. Pockets are also handy to hang a tea towel on so you can keep wiping your hands etc. Along with Rockpool Creative and Jen Sinclair Design we sourced and designed an apron wide enough for us bigger ladies, nice and long enough to keep your clothes clean, and complete with a large enough pocket for all of your bits and bobs.
I wanted the front to be embroidered as I find printed aprons always peel off. It’s sustainably sourced fabric too… to learn more or purchase your very own Taylor Made Apron click below.

Rockpool Creative

Having my marketing team, Rockpool Creative working with me is essential. They are who make all these new things available for my wonderful students and followers – I simply couldn’t do it without them. The level of admin required is insane and working with your besties, let’s face it, is a win win. We are all each other’s biggest Cheerleaders. Having three ladies by your side, as skilled as they are, is an honour.

As you know, I am a fan of sharing and this is the same for my marketing team so if you think they could help you to grow your business then you can get in touch with them here.

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A Q& A with Jane

Q. Why online learning was the route you went down

I found that when I held face to face and 1:1 classes, my students would do amazingly well in class but when they got home they forgot some of the crucial tips, tricks, angles and direction. This also alienated students worldwide, who were unable to come to me for a class. 

My online tutorials meant that I could reach students worldwide, also, once purchased they are yours for forever, this enables you to keep referring back to the videos over and over again.

Q. Why do you use the cups and cellophane that you do?

A. I like to use paper cups and biodegradable cellophane because we all have to be aware of our carbon footprint.

Q. Will we be able to buy the cups and cellophane on your site?

A. No. I don’t plan on selling these at any time.

Q. How do you two-tone?

A. Two toning your buttercream flowers takes them to the next level of botanical realism. Flowers are rarely a solid colour. Two toning is on my YouTube channel. There are so many ways to two tone.

Q. What made you decide to do this as a business?

A. Seeing a gap in the market for abundance thinking in the cake Industry.



Another new addition to my web shop is the large pull bows that I use for my cupcake bouquets. They are extremely high quality and have a gorgeous matt finish. It’s all about the extra touches.


I now stock most nozzles on my web shop, the nozzles I stock are used by myself in the running of my own business. All high quality, wrapped and sent out personally by me.

My Colours

I am very excited to now stock my very own Sugarin Artist Choice by Jane Taylor gel colours. I spent a long time perfecting these colours to be exactly right for you. 

The Taylor Made Way Buttercream Recipe

Would you like to know how I make my buttercream and cupcakes? You can download the video for FREE with any other purchase or watch on Youtube.

Baking Myths

Have you had someone make you believe you’re not able to do something or cause you to doubt yourself? it’s amazing just how many myths there are in the ether of baking. None of which are correct, take a look at my Baking Myths and put your mind at rest.

Looking for help with something else?

I have written loads of blogs about the equipment I use, business tips, how to choose your colours, and how important it is to value your cakes properly… The Taylor Made Blog section is a wealth of knowledge on its own!

Having Technical Problems?

For any website tech problems, get in touch with my amazing admin team, Fran and Emily. You can contact them any time and they will endeavour to answer your query within 24-72 hours, usually it’s minutes, however, please be aware that if it’s a Sunday night GMT then you may not be answered until the Monday, they have families too.


There are so many FREE tutorials available on my YouTube channel and on my IGTV channel on Instagram. I’m well aware of funds being tight for many of us so I make sure there is enough content on YouTube for you to actually start your own business.

Hints & Tips

Throughout my website and on social media I am constantly giving nuggets of information that will make your life easier and more streamlined. Follow me via the links below!

I Teach, You Learn - You Earn

One final thing to remember – I am your biggest Cheerleader, I am routing for your success in business more than I can express. I give out a whole host of free information and I am not secretive with my tips, tricks and advice, I will answer your questions nine times out of ten because I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! However, my marketing team insist that I make you all aware that specific Taylor Made cupcake designs are indeed Copyrighted © under my Intellectual Property and Artistic Works, and Taylor Made Cakes is a Trade Marked Enterprise ™. You are not, under any circumstances permitted to teach or reproduce my copyrighted designs for your own monetary gain or digital presence. Unfortunately there are a huge amount of people worldwide who have taken my photographs and designs and passed them off as their own work, both for sales in products and tutorials (this will happen to you too if you are in this business, and is why Terms & Conditions are so invaluable) this is illegal and will be pursued as illegal activity. Not only is it illegal under Copyright law, it is also wholly unfair for others trying to make their mark in this industry, and for customers who think they are purchasing a product that isn’t visually represented in a realistic manner, not to mention it is just not good business practice (or Karma)!

Lets all share ideas, information, tips and tricks, there is enough business out there for all of us and all of those still to come, but please, respect each others businesses and please respect my copyright and trademarked designs or my team will be forced to pursue legal action. If you are unsure about these regulations please do read my terms and conditions or get in touch and my marketing team will be more than happy to clarify them for you.

Jane Taylor

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