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Have Your Cake and Eat It!

Here are my BUNDLE courses: You can purchase groups of online courses for your convenience. 

Want to learn more about how my bundles work? Read my Blog ‘Understanding My Bundles’ here.


Full Beginners Bundle

Here is everything you get with the Full Beginners Bundle:

Swirl Rose


Large Petal Rose




Mini Roses with Blossom


Small Petal Rose


Ball Chrysanthemum

Austin Rose


Mini Peonies with buds

How to Assemble and Wrap a 7-Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

how to make buttercream flowers, taylor made cake courses, jane taylor cupcakes

OR you can purchase the Beginners Bundle as part of: 

The Taylor Made Bunch of Bundles

After being asked a multitude of times, I decided to sell all three Bundles together, for my students convenience. 

Containing –

All three bundles – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced, I have added a little gift from me to you, my Spring Collection ’21 (worth of £75.99)

how to make buttercream flowers, Taylor made cake courses, Jane Taylor cupcakes

Full Intermediate Bundle

Here is everything you get with the Full Intermediate Bundle:


Apple Blossom

Incurve Chrysanthemum

Two tone Mini Roses & Blossom

Advanced Scabiosa


Mini Chrysanthemum






Open David Austin

Full 12 wrapping/assembly Video

OR you can purchase the Intermediate & Advanced Bundle as part of:

The Taylor Made Business Bundle Bunch

Containing –

By purchasing both the Intermediate & the Advanced in this package, you will receive the Business Course as little gift from me, worth £50! The perfect next step after you have mastered the foundation blocks.

how to make buttercream flowers, taylor made cake courses, jane taylor cupcakes

Full Advanced Bundle

Here is everything you get with the Full Advanced Bundle:


Soprano Daisy


Advanced Daisy

Closed David Austin

Spider Flower

Advanced Anemone

Mini Sunflower

Advanced Carnation

Decorative Zinnia

Mini Daffodils


Decorative Dahlia

Full 19 wrapping/assembly Video

Buy The Wrapping Bundle

The Wrapping Bundle contains –

  • ALL 5 wrapping tutorials – 7, 12, 19, 24 & 30 cupcake bouquet wrapping tutorials
  • Downloadable PDF layout document for your bouquets.

Once purchased you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

Alternatively you will see each one of the wrapping tutorials sold individually below…

The Taylor Made Signature Bundle

Containing –

This inclusive collection of Taylor Made Signature Flowers is the perfect way to learn how to create beautiful, realistic buttercream blooms. PLUS you also will gain access to the 30 Wrapping Assembly Tutorial.

Jane has hand selected from her 40 plus signature flowers the best tutorials to give you those all important four elements. The following flowers are included in the bundle as individual tutorials.

For Height:
Hand piped tulips
Red berries and spruce

For Texture:
Pine cone

For Statement:
Realistic camellia
Realistic ranunculus

Semi open tulips
Open tulips

how to make buttercream flowers, taylor made cake courses, jane taylor cupcakes

The Legal Bit

What are the ‘rules’ about mentioning Taylor Made Cakes when using flowers and designs as part of your business?

I would be so happy for you to start your business using my flower tutorials, after all, sharing my passion for design and baking is what my business is all about! I have over 1000 professional bakers making my designs and using them in their own beautiful bouquets and individual cupcakes.  However, teaching my designs as your own, for your own gain, for social media reach, website interaction, brand awareness or for financial benefit, is a breach of copyright under my artistic works. If you are unsure about what constitutes a breach of copyright please contact myself or the team for more information.

I will follow any and all incidents and findings to the maximum of the copyright law.

Join the Discussion

It’s good to talk and never more so than when you are trying to perfect your art and learn all the tricks of the Taylor Made Way.

Join in with our online Facebook group to share ideas, tips and support amongst fellow bakers.

*you must have purchased a bundle or wrapping tutorial or attended a location course to be accepted into my online community

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What Others Think…

Still undecided?  Hear from others who have purchased the Full Bundle.

Purchasing one of Jane’s online class bundles is one of the best decisions I’ve made! The content is clear and easy to follow. Jane’s encouragement and assistance through the private Facebook group has been invaluable. From just these classes I’ve been able to start a successful small business. I highly recommend the classes whether it be for a hobby or if you are wishing to pursue something more professional. 



Jane is absolutely amazing at what she does. I had a vision of what I wanted to do in terms of cake business and came across Jane’s website offering beautiful thorough tutorials with step by step methods explained clearly.
I have found Jane to be so helpful and caring in everything she does and offers, and never leaves you in a lurch when you need her the most when creating your floral creations.
Thank you Jane and keep up with the amazing and beautiful work that you do. 



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