Beginners Bundle 

I can only liken this to learning to drive a car.  When you first start driving, your driving instructor teaches you the mechanics of the car how it works, changing gears, learning different manouveres, how to park, how to drive on a bypass etc etc and that’s what my Beginners Bundle is all about.  For some students they have never even picked up a piping bag or have any knowledge of piping.  Like me 6 years ago! The Beginners Bundle gets you used to handling a piping bag and developing the skills ready for my Intermediate Bundle.

A lot of my students ask why I put the chrysanthemum in my Beginners Bundle? This is because you need the time to practise AND… it will then lead on to you being able to pipe the ball chrysanthemum and the dahlia much quicker because you’ve already got an understanding of how to hold the piping bag, how much you need in your bag and consistency of my buttercream.

Even if you have some experience in piping I will always recommend my Beginners Bundle first because it will also give you some understanding of The Taylor Made teaching style.  As you will see if you’ve already purchased my Beginners Bundle I have a no rules policy.  Doesn’t matter if you pipe less or more petals on a rose or make your petals longer for a chrysanthemum or make your peonies more open.  It doesn’t matter it’s your style and your interpretation.

I also include the ‘How to assemble and wrap a 7 cupcake bouquet’ again because it’s the smallest of the cupcake bouquet designs and good place to start to learn how to wrap.  By the time you get to my Intermediate Bundle you will have some understanding and find it a lot easier to assemble and wrap my 12 cupcake bouquet.

Intermediate Bundle 

Now that you have an understanding of my buttercream flowers, you will be more confident and ready for the next level.  My Intermediate Bundle is an upping your game bundle.. ie adding more detail to your cupcake bouquets, adding buds and blossom to your buttercream flowers, more intricate flowers and YOU WILL be able to pipe these.  If you can master a chrysanthemum you can master anything.  Also included in my Intermediate Bundle are my Elegance Range.  These are a fantastic alternative to the flowers.  You can be as creative as you so desire with these and they are so quick to pipe.  Lets face it the quicker we can work the more money we can earn.  My Intermediate Bundle also includes ‘How to assemble and wrap a 12 cupcake bouquet.

Advanced Bundle 

DO NOT be put off by the name, Advanced Bundle does not mean that you have to be a professional or be experienced.  This is the next level up again adding to your portfolio of beautiful buttercream flowers.  You will all be more than capable of piping every single one of these beautiful buttercream flowers.  Again taking your cupcake bouquets to the next level of realism.  By the time you get my Advanced Bundle you will have complete knowledge of nozzles and a huge understanding of techniques.

This bundle also includes ‘How to assemble and wrap a 19 cupcake bouquet”

I hope this makes it easier to understand!


Jane x

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