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Baking Myths


There are so many common misconceptions about starting a cake business..

After receiving so many messages from bakers and students panicking about starting a business and not feeling like they know enough?

Take you back to when I first started 6 years ago! I knew nothing about running my own business! I spent so long worrying about it, that I needn’t of done.. when I eventually just got on with it, it literally took a couple of hours to set up everything legally.. and setting up all of my social media platforms. The rest is history. I have listed all of the common questions and thoughts of my students.

As you will see below not one of the myths are correct!

Now put your big girl/boy pants on and start your own small business 🌟

1. You need lots of money

NO you don’t, free content is everywhere. I have a YouTube channel, there are blogs and tutorials everywhere!

Have a look

2. You aren’t good enough

Yes you ARE, and ANYONE & EVERYONE can be good enough with enough practice.

3. It’s SO complicated to start up

NO its not! It’s easypeasy. Anyone and everyone can do this.

4. There are other people locally to me who bake and sell! 

Great! That shows there is a market and there is enough business for everyone. Support one another, and be inspired by each other. (Just don’t steal ideas lol) 

5. I haven’t got the confidence

Neither did I. And now look. I love my job! 

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How much do you need to start up?

How much do you need to start up?

BAKING MYTHS | SMALL BUSINESS ADVISE This is such a myth.. It really doesn’t need to cost a lot at all.  I invested a lot at the beginning because I went completely overboard.. My husband thought I had a bit of a cellophane obsession. I must of had 15 rolls of...

Don’t compare your work

Don’t compare your work

BAKING MYTHS | SMALL BUSINESS ADVISE This sentence will be on my headstone on the day I die hahahaha One of my lovely followers Marianne made such a perfect analogy of this statement.   "We are all taught how to write, but everyones handwriting is completely...

Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition

BAKING MYTHS | BUSINESS ADVISE I think this is probably the most common question I’m asked!!! There is a baker who’s just started up down the road from me? And….. Eventually you will see over time that competition is good.  As long as they are not completely...

Baking Myths

Baking Myths

BAKING MYTHS | RUNNING A SMALL BUSINESS | CONFIDENCE There are so many common misconceptions about starting a cake business.. After receiving so many messages from bakers and students panicking about starting a business and not feeling like they know enough? Take you...

Oh no, more myths! Let’s bust these away once again…. 

“I have followed your buttercream recipe, and my flowers don’t look like yours.” 

Good! Say it with me, G O O D! Search for Roses on Google; not buttercream but real Roses 🌹… are they the same? Are any two natural flowers the same?! Are mine?! Nope. Tighten your bag and keep going. There. Are. No. Rules. 

“I can’t do all of your flowers, I can only do 4… that’s not enough” 

Right, who’s good at maths? Count how many flowers are in this bouquet. Then times that by ALL of the colour ways in the world…. I would say that’s a fair few variations don’t you think 🤔 😉☺️

“I need to be available for orders 24/7” 

Nope. Work life balance; be realistic with yourself and your time constraints. 😉🥰

WELL DONE - Secret code iamabakingcheerleaders2 this voucher code is for £45

“Thingywhatsit down the road charges less than me. I need to be cheaper.” 

Yep, ok good for them, and no, no you don’t. You need to be different. Brainstorm your way up. What can you offer that they don’t? What makes your cupcakes worth that extra? There is room for EVERYONE 🥰 

“I could never do what you do” 

🛑 Y E S you can. I have thousands of students all over the world, and they do. And so can you. Anyone can do this. Practice is all you need. Now it really is a goodnight from me, Jane x

Believe in Yourself

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