This is such a myth..

It really doesn’t need to cost a lot at all.  I invested a lot at the beginning because I went completely overboard.. My husband thought I had a bit of a cellophane obsession.

I must of had 15 rolls of cellophane, all colours, all different designs.  You only need 1 roll of cellophane, choose a clear cellophane with a simple white design and that will go with whatever you are piping.

Buy green bows for your cupcake bouquets, they go with everything too.  You only need a certain amount of piping nozzles and piping bags.  If you can invest in a stand mixer that would be great only because of your arms hahahaha.

Food colouring, there are only so many colours so buy just a few.

Tissue paper is pence, that’s about it.

All of the set up so far as legally doesn’t cost you a penny other than the insurance.. which is an annual fee.

You do need to have a Level 2 Health and Hygiene Certificate.  Again this sounds daunting but it really isn’t.  It takes about an hour online to pass.  I passed so trust me you’ll pass.  Its an online course, you can find it on google.

Register your business with your government and set up as a sole trader.

Register your business with your local council.

They will then arrange with you a day to come out and inspect your kitchen. Again sounds so daunting but it really isn’t.  I had the nicest inspector come to my home.  We are very lucky to be in the cake industry because it is classed as very low risk.  

Some people think you can’t have pets when starting a cake business but you can.  As long as the pet isn’t in your work area whilst you are baking that is fine.  So don’t start rehoming your pets.

They are more concerned with fridge temperature recordings and your cleaning routine.  Allergen knowledge is great.  

Make sure you take out insurance.  I have public liability insurance and contents insurance.  The public liability is more about the customer say tripping out of your front door etc.  Contents is for your equipment.  This costs me about £70 a year so well worth having.

You must also inform your car insurance company that you may have cakes in your car if you offer delivery.  Because if you have an accident and they see you have cakes in the car the insurance is null and void.  Again this about an extra £5 a year on your insurance so well worth having in place.

Other than that you are ready to rock and roll.. so what’s stopping you? Absolutely nothing, so stop ready this and register your business.

Love Jane x 

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Just do it..

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