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Within 2 days, I had Thirty orders for my floral cupcakes. It was absolutely incredible…

STUDENT STORY Everyone’s Favourite Bakes

On Instagram @everyonesfavouritebakes

I discovered Jane’s work via Instagram and instantly fell in love with her florals, her personality and honesty about how to run a successful business.
I was already making large celebration cakes from home for friends and locals, so I decided to invest in a couple of tutorials at first and after a bit of practice, launched my cupcake bouquets & gift boxes via my existing Facebook page.
Within 2 days, I had 30 orders for my floral cupcakes. It was absolutely incredible and from that moment on, I knew that that was the direction I wanted my business to grow towards.
So I invested in new tutorials, including Jane’s amazing workshop at Cake International 2022 and her business courses. My sales have increased substantially in the last 2 years, generated enough income to purchase a garden room workspace, fully dedicated to my baking business and I now have a much more organised baking schedule to cope with the amount of orders.

Since meeting Jane and the Rockpool team, I learned so much about the different elements of running a business, not just how to pipe amazing flowers, but also about costs, media & socials, etc, and most importantly, I learnt how to value my work, my time and my craft.

This has given me a huge amount of confidence to charge appropriately for my bouquets. At the start of a business, pricing and local competition are things you do worry about, and Jane’s advice and experience has helped me to find my worth and do my own thing to the best of my abilities, without feeling that I need to please everyone, take every order or charge less because the customer wants to pay less.
Jane, thank you so much for all you have done for me & my business ❤️ xx

Investment in TMCC £600

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘£500+ increase in monthly income!’

STUDENT STORY Kelly’s Kakeaway

On Instagram @kellyskakeaway

I’ve started my floral journey aswel as my other business
It’s brought so much buisness and attention to my buisness resulting in alot of orders

I now make at the very least £500 more earnings a month than I did before it would be so much more than this buy this isn’t my only part of the buisness

I have alot more social engagement than I ever did

Without these course I would of never added anything more to my buisness other than what I already made iam a Baker who has just started on florals last year I make alot of traybakes type things brownies / blondies / cookies ect but I now offer bouquets / boxed blooms / floral trays ect . And for seasonal events this proves a massive massive boost to my income

Investment in TMCC £340

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘A huge increase in followers’

STUDENT STORY Cakes by Claire

On Instagram here

I have used Jane’s courses and knowledge to feel confident in my baking, to upskill myself and produce some bouquets and cakes I’d never thought I would have been able to before investing in these courses! Bouquet orders have increased, followers and engagement on social media has increased due to word of mouth and local recommendations.

The courses have allowed me to feel confident in turning a hobby into a part time business. Watching videos in my own time, again and again, to practice. Jane also offers so much more than her online tutorials, always there for some support, encouragement and for any questions! I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without her and her courses!

Investment in TMCC £200

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘I am so proud of my flowers’

STUDENT STORY Tatiane tibbetts

Instagram @Glammiebaker

Increase in orders and social media flowers. I am known as the flower cupcake lady in the Cayman Islands.

My skills have improved so much with both the online and the opportunity to have private classes with Jane. I learned so much and I am so proud of my flowers.

Investment in TMCC £400

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘Helped massively’

STUDENT STORY Clarke’s Creamy Cake Creation

Instagram @ClarkesCreamyCakeCreations

My orders for Floral themed cakes have increased massively. I can make anything up to £300 per week

The courses have helped me become confident in my pricing structure and I don’t doubt my work.

Investment in TMCC £150

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘A hobby… for now’

STUDENT STORY Jacqueline Vickery

No return on investment just as it’s just a hobby ……… at the moment!!

If I can follow the course anyone can it’s extremely user friendly

Investment in TMCC £100

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘Took me to another level’

STUDENT STORY The Baroque Baker

Website The Baroque Baker

After purchasing Jane’s Beginner Bundle, my business has been receiving more cupcake orders along with more engagement on Instagram.
I’m primarily a cookie decorator, but wanted to start marketing cupcakes again. The orders I’ve received thus far has literally paid for the course.
I’m also enjoying the comments and following s on Instagram as well.

Jane’s Beginner Bundle was a great investment for me. I’ve been decorating cakes and cupcakes for years. This course took my roses to another level, that my customers just love. It was easy to follow along with, and gave me tips on how to take my decorating to an other level. An added bonus is that Jane and her staff are always there to answer questions and help. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to either learn cupcake decorating or improve their skills.

Investment in TMCC $100

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘Could not have piped without Jane’

STUDENT STORY Mommabscakes

On Instagram @mommabscakes

I started in lock down as a hobby and I had a lot of comments and likes so I decided to sell some of my products. It went really well at first but now it has slowed down alot. I try and keep my prices down as much as I can. I share my products on Facebook and Instagram. I’m glad I do it part time as I work full-time.

I think Jane’s courses are fantastic if it wasn’t for the courses I would not of been able bake cupcakes knor even pipe anything. I recommend Jane to anyone that is interested in her courses

Investment in TMCC £200

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‘Confidence & Skill’

STUDENT STORY DeLush Cakes by Jayne

I make an average of around £450 per month and use Facebook and word of mouth to promote my business.

The courses have enabled me to improve my piping skills and has given me the confidence to make this my business.

Investment in TMCC £400

student_stories_dani_benson 1

‘A belief in myself’

STUDENT STORY The Frosted Swan

On Instagram @the_frosted_swann

I have benefitted from receiving a regular number of orders at an average of 10-12 orders per week. I have also grown my Instagram and Facebook following which means I get a steady number or regularly custom and also new customers who order from me.

Without these course, I would not have been in the position I am in today with my business. I have learnt so much from Jane, not just with buttercream flowers but having belief in myself and my abilities. Her courses give you all and more that you need to succeed. I could not recommend Jane’s courses enough! I am now looking to expand my business and its all down to the confidence I have gained whilst learning from Jane.

student_stories_dani_benson 1

Investment in TMCC £245

‘A lockdown start’ 

STUDENT STORY Leighanne’s Tasty Treats

On Facebook @LeighannesTastyTreats

I decided to do this to fit around my children so I don’t take too many orders on as I have 2 children with autism and they both take up a lot of my time as well as my other daughter.

I would say I had earned back the money from my first investment in Taylor Made Cake Courses within a month if not sooner. I have also taken on several weddings this year including 3 in February!

I first started baking during lockdown and I liked to make cupcake bouquets using swirl roses and basic patterns. A friend of mine had seen Jane on Instagram and send me a link to one of her videos and I was instantly amazed by how realistic the flowers looked. I had to learn! I started with the free tutorials on YouTube and within a week I think I had purchased the curly petal roses tutorial (my favourite!) swiftly followed by the intermediate bundle. I was amazed by how quickly I was learning to make them and I had customers very quickly and it had grown and grown. Jane demonstrates everything in a way that is so easy to follow. And she also responds very quickly if you do ever need any advice on anything. Her blogs and stories are full of very useful information to which helps guide in every area of setting up a baking business. Highly recommend!

student_stories_dani_benson 1

Investment in TMCC approx £200

‘A New Business Around the Children’

@lfbbakingco on Instagram

I am so grateful I found Jane’s tutorials! I was determined to share my love of baking by starting a baking business, but I couldn’t narrow down what my specialty was going to be. I stumbled upon Jane’s Instagram page (or really it stumbled upon me!) and was blown away by her creations. Then to find out she teaches how to do what she does? I knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to give it a try. After doing a bit more research on what these flowers were, how to create them, etc, I chose Jane’s tutorials over others for a few reasons. First, each bundle offers so many flower options. Even just taking the beginner course can help you launch your business or hobby – which it did for me! In addition, I had watched some of Jane’s YouTube tutorials and liked how easy it was to follow along with her. And after buying that first beginner bundle, and now more bundles and individual flowers, I can say that choosing to allow Jane to help me fulfill my dream has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my business. Her tutorials are full of other tidbits and advice, and she is always supporting her followers by sharing so much on her Instagram page and in her blog. And the Facebook group? It’s above and beyond any other group I’ve ever been a part of. 

student_stories_dani_benson 1
student_stories_dani_benson 3

I know if there is anything I need, have questions on, want to be inspired by, Jane and all the other lovely individuals are right there to help out. So far I have invested about $400 in Jane’s tutorials, and I will continue to do so. After just more than a month in business, I’ve made my first $1,000. That may not be a lot to some people, but for a mom with two toddlers and one baby at home, working this business only part time, this has been so fulfilling. I’ve had the opportunity to create over a dozen bouquets since I started! My goal, with my limited time, is to to make and sell 6 bouquets a week. I now occasionally have to turn people away as I cannot physically meet the demand. Jane’s not only helped with how to create these beautiful masterpieces, but also how to organize your business so you can work efficiently with every order – a must for me. It’s been exactly what I needed. If you’re thinking about investing, just go for it. You’ll either make the return on your investment very quickly, or if you’re doing this as a hobby, you’ll be so satisfied with your work that you’ll just want to learn more. Thank you Jane for giving me the confidence in this beautiful work to create a thriving business with something I just love to do!

Investment in TMCC approx £210 

student_stories-caption_catering 2
student_stories-caption_catering 1
student_stories-caption_catering 3

Instagram @captioncatering

Since august I now on average do at least 6 /7 per week and at least 1 floral celebration cake.

It’s increased my Facebook and Instagram following and engagement massively. It grabs people’s attention then they often buy other things too like my teas. I regularly include the floral cakes in my tea boxes which adds to their uniqueness & appeal.”

Investment into TMCC courses – approx £300.00

Addition to an existing business

STUDENT STORY 3 Farhana- Time for Cake
@timeforcake on Instagram


It varies but I make about £100 per week from bouquets mostly. Sometimes it’s not busy at all and sometimes I have 3-4 bouquets in one day. I do take urgent orders too as word spreads through each client.

I don’t depend much on social media but it’s nice to have a portfolio online for everyone to have a look but it’s mainly word of mouth.


Having possessed a still hand and good amount of stability in my piping, I wanted to explore something else in the baking industry. I came across floral bouquets on Instagram and was inspired a lot. Having done a lot of research, I can across Jane’s profile. Such lovely well explained tutorials with clarity and encouragement, I purchased a lot in one go.

Slowly after making some bouquets for friends and family to build my portfolio, I advertised locally and received a lovely response.

Investment into TMCC courses – approx £250.00

student_stories_dani_benson 1

“With Jane’s tips and tutorials I am able to be really productive and am able to say yes to short notice requests while still enjoying family time at the weekends.”
Victoria Parry’s Pantry

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“Jane’s courses and support from the FB group has given me the impetus to start my own business and have confidence in myself.”

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“After my very first bouquet, I booked a complete month out on bouquets! UNREAL!!! Jane has changed my life!”

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“It has enabled me to start my business and go from hobby baker to full time cupcake baker.”

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“…I gave up my cake business to do bouquets full time, …I’m extremely happy with my tutorials and all of janes support, encouragement and advice and inspiration.”


STUDENT STORY 4 ‘IN ADDITION TO EXISTING BUSINESS’ – Instagram @victoriaparrys_pantry

“I have been making cupcake bouquets for just over a year. The difference between then and now is huge, my bouquets get better each time and I’m so happy with them. I have bought 15 individual flower tutorials from Jane (as well as watching all the amazing free content). I like that I can add a few here and there, it doesn’t have to be a big initial outlay. 

I work Monday to Thursday as a childminder so I have evenings and Fridays to work on my bouquets. With Jane’s tips and tutorials I am able to be really productive and am able to say yes to short notice requests while still enjoying family time at the weekends. 

I have just hit my first £1000 of bouquet sales in a month, and I have joined forces with a local cake delivery company so I can reach more customers as I don’t deliver. The next stage may be a website and my programmer husband will be tasked with that job!”

Investment into TMCC courses – approx £80.98 

“I had never piped a floral cupcake before purchasing Jane’s tutorials – I was able to IMMEDIATELY start selling my bouquets for income, and was able to quit my regular full time job a month after I started selling!” Lisa Keehn

STUDENT STORY 5 ‘I COULD QUIT MY DAY JOB!’ – LISA KEEHN | Instagram @buttercreamboutique20

I make approximately 20-30 bouquets per week, have gotten my Facebook page to just shy of 2000 followers in less than a year! I have had people order bouquets from all over the world – Italy, Scotland, the United States and Eastern Canada.

If it weren’t for Jane Taylor’s tutorials, I would LITERALLY not have a business. I saw her tutorials advertised on Facebook while I was laid off from a government shutdown during the start of Covid. Her guidance, expertise, humour and unending patience (lol) have been the founding that I’ve built a successful business on (during a global pandemic, no less) and her support is just non stop. Apart from simply showing you how to pipe hey gorgeous flowers and construct a bouquet, she offers her masterful experience and guidance in all aspects of building a success business – from how to price your products, to planning for a major holiday or occasion, she covers it all in her friendly, supportive and brilliant manner.

Investment into TMCC courses – approx £232

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“Not only have the courses been really beneficial also the support network from the social media groups …  I couldn’t have done this without her guidance.”

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“’I’ve always been creative, loved cooking and designing. These courses ticked all those boxes…I think it’s Jane’s mentoring recently that has taken my business to the next level. “

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“The courses I have purchased are great to refer back to on my laptop if I’m struggling with something, I can slow it down and rewind …until I perfect the piping, I like Janes calm and descriptive way she talks you through everything,”

SS_Cheshire bouqcakes

“The courses are very helpful because Jane’s uses clear and concise instruction. I like the fact that they are short instructions. They are not overwhelming”



“I am in no doubt, my business would not be where it is today without Jane’s brilliant tutorials.  They are easy to follow, clear and concise. Just when you think there can’t be any more flowers to pipe, Jane comes along with more tutorials!  Great to go back over videos and refresh your memory or start adding your own twists and style.”

STATS – since Nov 2020 when I’ve really focussed on getting things going, I have had 178 people order, some of them multiple orders (ie. 4 mini gift bags).  Over the last 5 weeks, I have seen a shift from having lots of mini (£10) bouquets, I’m now mainly 7 & 12 bouquets.  I’ve taken just over £4k gros.  I will get better now at working out net profit.  For me, it’s a nice to have income which I’m not reliant on. 

RELEVANT INFO – Started with location course, then moved on to online courses.

Investment into TMCC courses – approx £350 

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