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Commonly Asked Questions

You would be surprised how often the same questions come up, asking about everything from equipment to techniques, wrapping and more. We have compiled a list of these with the answers, check them out.

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Wrapping Assembly Tutorials

These online tutorials include the lay out pattern, skills and tools required to beautifully wrap your gorgeous 7 or 12 cupcake bouquets. *flower designs not included.

Bouquet Collections

Collection tutorials contain the individual flower designs as listed in the product description and included in the product photograph, as well as the wrapping tutorial and layout designs for the pictured bouquet. * Colours depicted in the product image do not match the colours used in the tutorial.

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You will now see below that each individual course is marked with a ‘difficulty’ level, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.

I hope this helps choose which blooms are right for you! Jane x

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The Taylor Made Way Buttercream Recipe

Would you like to know how I make my buttercream and cupcakes? You can download the video for free with any other purchase or you can watch on YouTube here.

Tips and Tricks of the Taylor Made Trade

Would you like to know how I achieve my colours, or how I photograph my cakes? Maybe you would like to watch some example courses for FREE? 

Looking for help with something else?

I have written lots of blogs on what equipment I use, business tips, how to choose your colours and how important it is to value your cakes properly. 

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The Legal Bit

What are the ‘rules’ about mentioning Taylor Made Cakes when using flowers and designs as part of your business?

I would be so happy for you to start your business using my flower tutorials, after all, sharing my passion for design and baking is what my business is all about! I have over 1000 professional bakers making my designs and using them in their own beautiful bouquets and individual cupcakes.  However, teaching my designs as your own, for your own gain, for social media reach, website interaction, brand awareness or for financial benefit, is a breach of copyright under my artistic works. If you are unsure about what constitutes a breach of copyright please contact myself or the team for more information.

I will follow any and all incidents and findings to the maximum of the copyright law.

Due to the nature of copyright applicable to online tutorials it is not possible to transfer the ownership of a purchased tutorial to any other recipient. Please ensure that all purchases (including purchases made redeeming gift vouchers) are made through the applicable account email only.


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