Wow, to say I’m overwhelmed is THE biggest understatement of the year!

Myself and @rockpoolcreative have been waiting for 2 years for this huge cake event! It had been cancelled so many times due to Covid… each time gearing myself up for it, then to be cancelled!

But on November 5th we arrived.. I’d been to Cake International a few years back with my cake bestie Angela from Sugarin! We had an amazing time then, I was also lucky enough to attend the award ceremony where cake royalty are in their abundance. So amazing!

This year though I was on the other side of it.. I was asked to teach a class of buttercream flowers by Melanie Underwood who is the Organiser of Cake International. Of course I said yes because what an opportunity. I had a class of 16 pupils all willing and eager to learn a new skill. It was simply amazing to see new people learning this art. Most of them were already experienced bakers but hadn’t dabbled in buttercream flowers. These are the best type of student for me. If you’ve never done it before you are the perfect candidate.

I had a gorgeous mum and daughter come to the class, the mum was there to chaperone her daughter and said to me I will be so rubbish at this! You know me, I jumped on her straight away and told her she would be able to do it and she did. They were both so funny giggling in the corner.

All students went home with their goodie bags and box of floral cupcakes that they had piped. The pride on my students faces is worth everything and the main reason why I love my job. How could I not? They walked in not knowing how to do it, then walked out with a box of flowers 🌸 proud beyond words.

From the moment Fran and I arrived we were approached by my followers and students. Some cried, some were shaking 🤣 it’s so strange for me as I am just Jane as I always say. It was so humbling to hear what they all had to say. “You’ve changed my life” wow cry, I cried buckets. I didn’t realise quite what an impact my words have and my online tutorials. So many said they’ve been able to leave their full time jobs to bake full time and started their own companies. How amazing is that!

I always have this fear in the back of my mind though that people get sick of hearing me waffle on, on my Instagram stories but apparently not. They all said they love listening to me and love how I help everyone. This is a no brainier for me.. when I first started the online courses some of my friends and family thought I was crazy 😜 “why would you show other people your secrets” my answer was “why wouldn’t I more to the point?”

It’s selfish to keep this to myself! Seeing other businesses get started and people making their own money, being successful, being their own boss, being present for their children, doing a job they love is everything to me. You have to remember I was in your position. I get such a buzz and a warm fuzzy feeling when I get messages and at the show, people saying to me, I have you to thank for my business, you gave me the shove to get on with it! Is so humbling. It hasn’t affected my business, I’m busier than ever so why wouldn’t I help them.

One of my former students Andrea @everyonesfavouritebakes came to my class but she had already completed loads of my online tutorials but wanted that in person experience. She was adorable and we were so proud of her as she’d won 2 silver awards for her cupcakes which she had entered in the CI cupcake category competition. Super proud.

Andrea had also gifted me a present to give to my daughter who is expecting our first grandchild ❤️ Lindsey from @cakesbyhollysmum had also knitted the baby a little hat and mittens, they are so gorgeous and we are very grateful.

Ranj from @vecakesbyranj gave Fran and I gorgeous candles too as a thank you gift we were overwhelmed. So thoughtful, thank you.

It was quite funny at one point I saw this lady and I thought to myself I swear she lives in Tenterden? I recognise her? Wasn’t until I got home I realised she was one of the Great British Bake Off contestants 🤣 oops

It was all round wonderful experience, also to be surrounded by cake royalty! @zoeysfancycakes @mollymakescakes @paulbradford @sugar_flower_studio @rosiecakediva

the list goes on…

It’s so worth going if able to get there. You see all the new products available and watch demos all day. Bakers heaven. Get your tickets and sign up to the newsletter for next year!

Thank you again to everyone who came to see us and we hope to see you all there next year.

Love Jane

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