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Buttercream Bloom Awards T&C’s 

The first annual Buttercream Bloom Awards starts April 1st 2022! There are four levels of awards to compete for – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze across four categories – Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Students are encouraged to enter an image of their favourite buttercream floral cupcakes, large celebration cakes or bouquets that they have created across the four categories. You do not have to submit an entry for every category but you may only submit one entry per category.

By taking part in this TMCC competition you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated below.

The competition will open at 9am GMT+1 on April 1st 2022 and all entries must be submitted before midnight GMT+1 April 20th 2022 to be counted. Please ensure you are aware of the GMT+1 time when submitting your entries from overseas.

Uploaded entires must be made before 20th April 2022 to be counted and verified.

Only one vote per category per IP address for the duration of the competition will be counted and verified.

You may not vote for your own entires.

Any entries made outside of these GMT+1 dates and times will not be counted or verified.

A single student or baker may only submit a maximum of ONE entry per category (4 in total), any additional entries will be not be counted or verified.

One vote per person is permitted across each category. Restrictions will be placed in accordance with IP addresses to ensure that voting is fair across all award levels and categories.

Votes will be cast via votes on images of each entry via the online Buttercream Bloom Awards page on www.taylormadecakecourses.com – only votes made via this webpage will be counted and verified.

Jane Taylor will not be responsible for choosing the winner of the Buttercream Bloom Awards, nor will she be casting a vote of her own.

Only entries containing floral cake designs will be counted and verified – this includes floral cupcakes, bouquets and celebration cakes.

Winners for each category and level will be chosen by the number of likes generated by the general public via the Buttercream Bloom Awards page on the TMCC website.

In the event of a tied prize winning the prize will be evenly split between the two or more tied parties.

You are responsible for sharing and promoting your entries across all of your own online platforms for votes to be cast. There are no restrictions on where you can share your entries.

Gaining votes for your entries is your own responsibility. Please use the platforms available and applicable to your business to promote your own entries.

Please ensure voters are provided with correct and accurate information when casting their votes – TMCC take no responsibility for misinformed voters.

Your entries will also be shared and promoted via TMCC’s own marketing team – Rockpool Creative.

Your entires will be featured on the official TMCC Buttercream Bloom Awards page along side a link to your website and or a social media page.

Winners entries and business information will remain listed on the TMCC BBA webpage after the competition closes.

Prizes have been amalgamated from suppliers and companies that Jane recommends to all of her students and uses herself. Only verified suppliers have been asked to participate in the prize collection for this competition.

Prizes have been grouped based on monetary value and assigned to the winning levels reflecting their cost.

Prizes cannot be swapped for vouchers, cash or alternatives under any circumstances.

Prize packages cannot be swapped or changed by winners under any circumstances.

Prize packages may be altered or changed by TMCC to provide the best possible results for winners and external suppliers.

Any conduct deemed inappropriate, unkind or not supportive to any other entry or company taking part will not be tolerated – this will result in your entry being discarded and you being blocked from participating in this and any future competitions.

Please conduct yourself as you would expect others to conduct themselves. Any behaviour deemed by TMCC administrators to be unkind, unnecessary or rude will result in your removal from this and all future competitions as well as being blocked from TMCC social media platforms.

Rainbow Dust prizes are only able to gift & sell to countries in the EU, should you win and be outside of the EU unfortunately that prize will be unavailable to you.

All award winners will receive their very own Buttercream Bloom Award badge for display on websites and social media platforms. These will be provided in PNG format only and can be shared across any platform as the winner sees fit.

TMCC reserves the right to refuse any entries that are not in keeping with these terms and conditions or the overall ethos of the Buttercream Bloom Awards.

Voting is automated and cannot be disputed. Final decisions are final.

You may not submit entries that are not your own work under your own name – this is a copyright breech and will be investigated fully.

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