You’ll already know all of this if you are part of any of my 3 community pages!

It’s about empowering each other and being each others biggest cheerleaders 📣 I thought I would explain my groups to you so you know which ones to be part of. Of course you can be a member in all of them.

Here is a breakdown of my 3 Facebook community pages.

Taylor Made Cake Courses Online Community

This is for any of my students who have purchased my courses which include wrapping. The reason for this is?

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. A student has paid for a wrapping course £29.99, if someone had just purchased one flower tutorial at £5.99 and was asking you how you wrap they are then getting that information for free yet you paid for it. It’s unfair and not how I roll.

So everyone that is in this community page knows how to wrap and assemble a cupcake bouquet 💐 it’s an amazing community where everyone sticks to the rules. Always give more than you take. They are all like one big happy family, helping each other out and cheering each other on when they post their work. I do come on every now and then but it runs itself as it should do. We’ve only had one difficult member who was removed with immediate effect when she wasn’t sticking to the rules. Be kind 🙌🏻 so just to clarify if you’ve purchased any one of my courses that are wrapping courses or wrapping included in a bundle, collection or Location Course, you can join! ❤️

You do need to answer when you bought the course, and the invoice number as an entry question. As you can imagine this group has SO many requests everyday, Admin assist is set up to reject anyone without this information.

Baking Cheerleaders 📣

I love love love this community and how it came about. There are so many negative groups who slam each other and put each other down. Making the baker feel inadequate and in turn knocks their confidence. This disgusted me as I’d experienced it personally myself when I was on a so called ‘group’. I was so enraged when I would get followers and students message me saying they’d experienced it too. This is where Baking Cheerleaders 📣 was born. Same rules as with all of my community pages you give more than you take and to be kind. You don’t have to of purchased anything from me to be part of Baking Cheerleaders 📣 you can be be a baker who bakes bread, pastries anything it’s nothing to do with just cupcake bouquet students.

It’s a gorgeous community of over 6.5K bakers all sharing their work and asking for advice.

As long as you accept all of the rules – Be Kind etc. You will be very welcome!

Pricing Conversation Community

Myself and @rockpoolcreative where astounded at the level of messages and emails we were receiving concerning pricing! I assumed naively that this was something that everyone would understand but it was made quite apparent that it is not. So we collaborated with Melanie from @thecakeshows, Emma Jayne from @ejcakedesign, Haff and Rachel from @olbaabox, Fran, Emily and Jenny from @rockpoolcreative and myself to arrange a pricing conversation on Zoom to bakers all over the world who needed guidance and advice on how to confidently price their work. It was a massive success with amazing reviews. The bakers still asking to join is growing and growing so we decided to turn this Pricing Conversation group into a community page so they can all carry on helping each other and asking for advice. The 1.5 hour video is free to watch with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise within the baking industry. You can watch it here on my YouTube channel or on the Pricing Conversation community page.
All bakers are welcome 🤗

As long as you accept all of the rules – Be Kind etc. You will be very welcome!

I hope this has helped you understand my community pages and I look forward to seeing you all.

Love Jane xx

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