GUEST BLOG | Emma Salisbury founder of Elegant Cupcakes by Emma

A year to remember …..

So my background is beauty I’m a makeup artist based in Essex who has always loved to bake … when covid hit in 2020 the effect on my business was huge and was efficiently shut for most of that year . That’s when I decided to learn a new skill , having seen the floral cupcakes on Instagram I found Jane’s page and decided to give it a go! Best decision ever , I already work from home and this just sits so well with my other work , at first I didn’t know if I could do it , but the positive feedback right from my first bouquet was huge, if your reading this thinking ? I can’t … or I won’t be good enough … just do it !! give it a go I now have 2 successful home businesses and work for myself … no brainier right? We only ever regret the things we didn’t try x

Emma Salisbury founder of Elegant Cupcakes by Emma


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