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With us entering Summer it’s the perfect time to get your own inspiration for piping buttercream flowers 🌷

When I first started piping flowers I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos but they were all the same really so had to come up with new flowers on my own.

I am completely self taught with the flowers on my website! Lots of tears, but also lots of smiles when I finally achieved what I was aiming for.

My daughter bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers a couple of years ago (pictured above), this was when the my idea of trying to copy real flowers started.

When you have real flowers in front of you it’s easier examine the petals and work out which nozzle would be suitable to pipe the petals and stamen. Also to get the overall effect of the different flowers, shades, textures and symmetry.

If, for example you are piping a yellow bouquet, always add another colour. I would automatically use white unless your customer has requested something different. It’s too much to just use one shade of yellow for the whole bouquet. It would look like a blob of yellow and the intricacy of the buttercream flowers would be lost. When you see my bouquets, I will have always used the same tube of colour, that way when you need a different shade you simply add more or less or that tube of colour. I use Rainbow Dust Colours Progels for all of my cupcake bouquets. By doing this the bouquet would always work colour-wise.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then spend some time in there looking at your flowers or foliage even, to get a feel for some inspiration. Think back to all of the other flowers you have piped and you will get to know your piping tips and what will work for the flower you want to pipe. If you don’t have a garden or like me last year a garden but with no flowers in 🤣 go to your local supermarket or garden centre and take photographs up close of the flower head. You don’t have to buy them 🤣

When you get home set aside some time to have a play. If you’ve read my other blogs you’ll know that I’m alway super organised and always have cupcakes in the freezer and buttercream in the fridge. The stress is immediately removed and you can just concentrate on colouring your buttercream and loading your piping bags. You can also use biscuits like ‘Rich Tea’ to practice on you don’t have to have cupcakes. They are a hit with the kids too, buttercream biscuits 😋

It also doesn’t matter if it’s not a particular flower. Eg if you’ve made a flower up. I’m lucky that I have a best friend who is Sundries manager at South East Flowers so when I’ve come up with a new flower, I’ll send her the picture of my cupcake and ask her what it is? Or what it looks like. I don’t profess to be a flower expert but I know how to pipe buttercream flowers 🙌🏻

Have a play and don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s a lot of fun.

Happy piping


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