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Having just got back from a much needed family holiday of a lifetime it’s full steam ahead with my business again.

It’s the first holiday we’ve had abroad for 15 years, and the first holiday I have ever been on where I didn’t want to come home.

It’s amazing how a bit of rest and vitamin D boosts your mind, thoughts and take stock of the future.  It’s taken a while for me to accept that I am good enough at what I do, and that I’m responsible for my businesses being the success that it is.  This may sound a little strange because I know it the most important job in the world BUT, I was “just a housewife and mother” before, raising my 5 children, 2 dogs and maintaining my home and now I am running a very successful and ever expanding company.  

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends who are my biggest cheerleaders 📣 fortunately for me 2 of them are responsible for my websites, my marketing and VA work, 2 are horticultural experts and one a floristry expert 👌🏼They are all an integral part of my business as I can’t do everything myself, I might like to think I’m superwoman but I’m actually not!! 🤣

The work/ life balance that you always hear about is so important and real!  I was always thinking  ‘yeah, yeah whatever’ but when it reaches the point where you are not able to go on family days out and you are missing out on memories just because you’re making cakes 🍰 you realise, “ok enough is enough, what on earth am I doing”.

I’ve got it down to a fine art now and I’m very strict on customer collection times which allows me to have the whole weekend with my family.  It’s perfect 👌🏼

As I have got busier and busier I decided to take the plunge and invested in a huge unit for my training courses and a brand new working area.  It’s absolutely beautiful, set in the Kent countryside surrounded by fields, it’s very tranquil.  

It’s big enough to cater for 12 students per class with plenty of room for all.  While I was on holiday it was being finished, and wow is it beautiful 😮 I just needed to add the Taylor Made touches to make it more homely.

Because of the volume of orders, online training videos, 1:1’s, group classes and constant social media messages etc I’ve now decided to take the next step and take on staff. 😊 It’s taken a while for me to come round to the idea but I simply can’t do it all on my own.  

There is also some extremely exciting news to share with you all very soon but I’m not going to jinx it yet until the deal is done ✅

A wise man once told to me ‘don’t expand until you get to the point where you can’t cope’.. that time is now.

I have also decided to take on staff which again is something I never wanted to do, but some amazing students I have taught have shown me that they have the gift too and I am excited at the thought of expanding their knowledge and my own!  Eeeeek

I had my first class last week in the new Taylor Made HQ and it was just fantastic, everyone had so much room which has always been a problem wherever I have taught.  And the best thing of all was when it came to the clean up,  I didn’t mind cleaning because it’s all mine 🥰 so proud.

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to see you in my classes very soon.

Jane x

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