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Well, my mind is officially blown 🤯 The day I went viral.

So this is how last Friday went:

Filmed 5 new videos for my online students.
Filmed 2 for my YouTube channel🙌🏻

Fran said to me “right Cakey Janet 🤣 (this is not my actual name but it seems to be the name that all of my followers have decided to call me 🤪 my name is Jane.) I need a new flower please”

No problem had a play with what goes round my head in bed at night. And produced the new ‘Taylor Made Advanced Zinnia Whirlygig’

Now for me it’s a just a flower but apparently not for the rest of the world.

After filming, I piped an order where the customer requested red and white deluxe. I thought I’d use the new flower 🌹simples…..

Took my photo as always and uploaded to my Facebook page
Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden. Within minutes my phone was going mad. What was all the kerfuffle about? Well it was my new flower. So strange as I believe I’ve piped much prettier flowers before. I couldn’t be more wrong, just shows you can never predict what viewers want to see.

By Monday it had gone viral and been shared 6.5k times, and still going! Bizarre!!!

Thank you so much to everyone that liked and shared my post.

Enjoy all of my new flowers 🌷

Happy piping

Jane x

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