Finally, I hear you say!! Its only taken me a year and half to come up with these new buttercream flowers but I think they were worth the wait.

As you know I stopped taking on customer orders a couple of years ago so I could concentrate on my students.  This was quite liberating as I could be there for everyone at the drop of a hat.  The only downside to this was it stopped my creativity.  I always thought I would just be able to come up with new flowers. NO!! When my customers used to give me free reign, that was when I came up with new designs, new flowers and new colour ways.  

I decided at the beginning of the year that I would take on a limited amount of customer orders, so that I could still be there for my students but also to allow my creative brain to flow, piping for customers.  Of course it worked!! 

I am so happy with this first release, yes there are more to come.  I do understand the impact that cost of living is having on all of us, so I am releasing my new buttercream flowers in 2 phases.  

What I am asking you to do is not look at my new buttercream flowers and think ‘they are way out of my league’ this is simply not true! 

As you know I don’t list my buttercream flowers on my website with skill level now.  Who on earth am I to decide your skill level even you don’t know if I’m honest.  Proof of this was when I asked my students in my amazing Taylor Made Cake Courses Online Community page to show everyone your ‘Classic/Beginners’ cupcake bouquets! There were maybe at a push 2-3 students who were correct in their thinking of what is classed as beginners/classic.  This absolutely floored me.  The cupcake bouquets they were sharing were easily Deluxe/Intermediate and Luxury/Advanced some way advanced.  This just proves to me that you don’t know your worth! And that you are selling your cupcake bouquets far too cheap. 

They are worth so much more, which means you are not getting paid the correct amount of money for your works of art.  This is art… this is a skill that you have paid to learn, and the hours and hours of practising that you have put in,  so your prices should reflect that.  Hence why I always harp on about having different pricing tiers.  The more work that goes into a cupcake bouquet the more you charge.  Don’t ever justify your prices to anyone.  If you are giving them the choice of different pricing tiers then it is down to your customer what THEY choose to buy not you.  Wow I was my soap box a bit there but I am so passionate about knowing your worth and so should you be.

I really hope you love my new buttercream flowers as much as I do.  Of course we chose to film the new buttercream flowers on THE hottest day of the year, it was gross I was one hot mess.  But we got there in the end.

Enjoy lovely people and please do remember to review and let me know what you think of my new buttercream flowers.

Love Jane x 

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