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I’d love to say it’s all ‘rosey’ (pardon the pun) running a small business by yourself but sometimes it just isn’t 🤣

I absolutely love creating new bespoke cupcake bouquets for each and every customer, working out which buttercream flowers I’m going to pipe, the layout, the choice of tissue paper, cellophane and which colour bow!

But then comes the boring stuff that’s always hovering in the background or the back of my mind should I say! To be able to run a cake company from home you have to jump through a few hoops to even start trading.

• Contacting your local council to say you have a new business.

• Contacting the government to register your small business.

• Making sure you have Public Liability Insurance.

• Waiting for Food Standards Agency to come and access your home (by the way I received a 5* food hygiene rating) whoop whoop.

• Making sure you have a certificate level 2 in Food & Hygiene.

• Setting up your Social media’s to get your small business out there.

• Sourcing and purchasing enough supplies to get you going.

• Oh and one other minor detail!looking after your 5 children, 2 dogs and husband! They need to be fed, kept clean, attend school on time and doing housework.

• Learn how to deal with guilt.

It sounds like a lot of work but at the beginning it really isn’t! Just make a list of what needs to be put in place and go through it one by one.

Don’t waste your money setting up a website from the beginning, wait until you’ve established a good following and fan base.

I’ve been going for almost 3 years now and had my website’s designed and built by FES Enterprises at the end of last year, which was perfect timing. I’d hit 4k likes on Facebook, 1.4k on Instagram and 600+ on Twitter.

It’s really important to post daily on all media’s! You need to stick in people’s minds so when they want to order cupcakes you’re embedded in their thoughts 😂. I really struggled with this to start with as I was afraid people would get sick of my posts but they don’t… but one of my biggest tips is to be polite and respond to each and every comment.

I’ll leave it there for now as I’m sure your brains are frazzled! Come back for part 2

Jane x

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