Time’s precious! Isn’t it?

I’ve been wanting to write this for the past 2 years but my ‘just don’t say anything’ brain hasn’t allowed me too!

When you go to the hairdressers and make an appointment to get your hair done or the doctors because you’re unwell etc do you turn up 2 hours late and say oops sorry I’m late? No you don’t! So why does it not have the same level of conscience when collecting cakes from an independent supplier?

I completely understand that stuff happens and people are late, I’ve done it myself but I always ring ahead or message to say I’m going to be late! But not with me it appears! I have 5 children who still live at home, 2 dogs that need to me walked and rather large house that needs cleaning! I don’t sit here all day on my bottom! So while everyone is doing their own thing, having a lovely time turning up whenever they choose I’m the one that’s fuming, wound up and then stressed because the chances are the next customer is likely to turn up at the same time now! And I do have children to collect from
School whom I might add will never be picked up late!

So I pose the question is your time more precious than mine ? Answer = No

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