When I discussed with family and friends that I was going to start teaching my cupcake bouquets they were outraged!!!!

Why on earth would you teach someone your trade secrets? You will end up giving them all your business!


Now one of them was my besties parents who thought I was crazy, I can see why they thought it but…. LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE PEOPLE!!

I noticed there was a massive gap in the market for someone being open and quite frankly normal!  But that I mean, not qualified, not posh, not intimidating and most important of all friendly.

My experience of the cake world isn’t that great if I’m being honest.  I have a group of 4 women who I call my cake besties, I love them to bits and we are all from different parts of the country and all with the same ethos.  Thats what you want, people again who are your cheerleaders! 

Now that’s 4 people out of an enormous population of bakers.  Sad really, but that’s how it’s been for me.

The idea of my teaching is for bakers to feel cared for, and for me to be there when they are stuck or just need a general chat.  I have loads of friends on instagram whom I have never met but know so much about.  You have to be approachable.  Imagine spending a lot of money on a class and the tutor then disappearing off the face of the earth?? Pointless.  I have heard so many stories where students paid an awful lot of money for a cake class and the tutor not sharing all of their secrets and telling them to Google where to find the answer!!

What is happening?  Greed that is what.. 

My openness has paid off! I’ve always been very open though as my friends would confirm.  I am a ‘say it as it is’ kinda girl! I’m mainly known as Auntie Jane, agony aunt to all hahahaha I don’t mince my words and will always be honest.  Hence when my friends come to me for my advice I have to check with them first that they want my opinion and the truth or do they want me to lie to make them feel better? 

This has carried over into my businesses.  I DO NOT see the point in me showing you how to pipe something and then saying ‘right you go and work out the buttercream, the cake recipe and everything else but here’s how you pipe this flower!  Waste of time and money for you.

Getting back to people not understanding why I teach my trade there is your answer.  I want you to be a success, I want you to earn lots of money, I want you to be independent and make your own salary.  I want for you to have the success that I have achieved, and this is possible if you listen to everything I say.

I have NEVER ever lost business because of my teaching.  As that saying goes you can teach anyone anything but they will always go back to the organ grinder!!! 

If this is your fear for not wanting to become a School of Bake tutor then you are very much mistaken.  

This will boost your business, get your name out there and bring even more work and revenue to you.

Be open and honest with your students and they will be loyal to you forever more.

Becoming a School of Bake Tutor will take your business to the next level, enhance your existing business and increase your confidence.

I now love teaching, I never thought I would hear those words come out of my mouth!  About 6 years ago a Psychic said I would become a teacher and we all just laughed in his face… who was wrong?

It’s a climb, but the view is great

Jane x

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