When I first started my business it wasn’t a problem dealing with both work and children….. but then I got busy! Certainly when I started the bouquets it just rocketed which is wonderful but also meant my time was taken up more!

The odd day of baking turned into 7 days a week! The kids asking on a Friday night what we are doing over the weekend and my reply being well I’m working but daddy can take you out! I was missing out on family time.. don’t get me wrong I love my job but family are priority! So quickly I had stipulations that all orders had to be collected by Saturday evening freeing up Sunday’s to do what we wanted. It definitely worked, we go out for breakfast every Sunday and it’s just lovely.

I still have awful guilt moments, especially when I’m not on the ball as I should be eg taking your kids to school and realising it was Pyjama day and your two are the only ones not in pyjamas! Obviously drove straight home and got the pjs so all sorted! I do beat myself up but they get fed, they are clean and they know they are loved! I’ve had this conversation recently with a very close friend and it is hard, you want to thrive in your business and be successful but I also want to sit and watch tv with the kids! For this to be able to happen I know work from 9-3 and then start work again at 7 once they are in bed till whenever! Some nights till the early hours but I go to sleep knowing they are happy! Whoever said being a work from home mum is easy is lying THE END…..

Jane x

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