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As you can imagine, on a daily basis I am asked 50 million questions via all of my social media platforms..

I love this because clearly people are loving my cupcake flowers and I get to interact with my wonderful followers.. but, and the BUT is huge, I don’t feel like answering the few questions I receive when people are rude and or demanding 🙌

I’m sure when you were children you were raised by your parents to constantly mind your P’s and Q’s, yes or maybe no?

Why is it when some people are on a phone or behind a computer do they feel the need to forget their manners? I’m sure if you were face to face with that person you wouldn’t be rude? Especially if you are asking for help or assistance.

A couple of examples:

What tip is that you are using?

What food colouring is that?

Tell me how to make this?

I don’t want to answer these monosyllabic demands as easily as I would had I been asked politely and nicely the exact same question. A little bit of politeness goes an awfully long way when you are asking for advice and help.

Manners cost nothing, please, just be kind 🙏🏻

This also applies to emails I receive saying that my website is broken and they can’t watch their videos! Where are my videos? Why isn’t it working?

Myself and my support and admin team work hard everyday to make purchasing my cupcakes and my videos as easy and fluid as possible for those who want to learn and enjoy. Sometimes things go wrong for many unforeseen reasons, but I can assure you it is not because we are trying to make it difficult for you.

My website will never be broken unless the entire WIX.com <http://wix.com/> multi billion £ company falls on its backside, so please read the step by step guide and all will be fine in the flower piping world.

Jane x

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