1. Batch cook your cupcakes.  This is a game changer and saves so much time and stress.  I triple my cupcake recipe which yields 48-50 cupcakes.  Wait until they are stone cold and then put them in large freezer bags in one layer.  Then when it comes to the day of piping you can use them straight from the freezer! Yes you can pipe straight onto a frozen cupcake.
  2. Batch make your buttercream!  We all know what a mess is creates making buttercream so make multiple batches and pop it in the fridge either in a container with a lid or a bowl with clingfilm over the top.  Your buttercream will last in the fridge for as long as the expiry date on the packs of butter.
  3. You don’t need to spend a fortune on supplies! Don’t be a Jane and buy every roll of different patterned cellophane! Buy one that will go with every cupcake bouquet! For example a clear cellophane with a simple white pattern.  Buy one lot of bows in green, it will go with whatever you are making.  Same for the tissue paper, buy natural tissue paper, it goes with all colour combinations.
  4. Take full payment upon ordering.  Don’t get into the stressful cycle of deposits etc.. saves time admin wise and also you know that customer will collect.
  5. Don’t discount multiple orders! A customer will always try to get discount if they are ordering more than one cupcake bouquet.. don’t do this! Are you reducing your quality of work then? So why should they get cheaper? Know your worth!!
  6. Learn to say NO!! If you look at your diary and see it filling up and you know you can’t take anymore orders on, say NO.  This does not mean you will lose that customer forever it will just teach them to be quicker next time.
  7. Remember your family!  Don’t miss out on family time, the world will carry on revolving whether you make a cupcake bouquet or not!  Was it worth missing out on sports day because someone needed a last minute order?? NO you can’t get those memories back.
  8. Perfection is not a THING!! Real flowers are not perfect, if you look at every single flower in a bouquet not one of them will be the same.  If you want your cupcake bouquets to look realistic, allow them all to look different.
  9. Be strict on collection times! Don’t give your customers free reign on collection times.  Give them a specific time that works for you! I have very strict collection times and they have a 15 min window to be late.  After that they have to contact me to rearrange collection that works around me!
  10. Have faith in yourself!  Bakers are their own worst critics.  Don’t do this,  remember your customer cannot do this and won’t see all of the flaws you see.  Just pipe it, load it.  Done.

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