A lot of time and effort goes into building a business online. Understanding what demographic my courses appeal to, who purchases my online courses and also WHY? My admin team @rockpoolcreative and I are fascinated with the statistics.

The Buttercream Bloom Awards 2023 are now live and you may have noticed that there is a new category to enter this year the “Honourable Mention” award. This gives my students the opportunity to share their story, to be heard and validated. Well, I should have put a tick box for the applicants to state whether tissues are required or a Trigger Warning. Some stories we have read so far are heart wrenching but my goodness so inspiring. My students never cease to amaze me just how resilient they are and just all round bloody amazing. “Triumph through adversity” Their stories are also allowing us to have an insight into why people choose to learn how to pipe buttercream flowers?

There are so many different reasons why people land on my website or find me through my social media platforms. For most they are looking for escapism. If you follow me on Instagram you will be aware that I had a somewhat traumatic childhood and even now I’m questioning how I even came to pipe buttercream flowers? I thought it was because I was bored and wanted to be able to work from home. But, now I believe it went a lot deeper than that. A large percentage of my students learn to pipe as therapy. Is this what I was looking for deep down?

Creativity is born through trauma….. I believe, to heal you need to use your hands and creative works of art no matter what your medium is, whether it’s painting or baking, knitting or writing. We express ourselves with our hands and as I said earlier it’s therapy.

Its always been so interesting and insightful when I run my workshops or 1:1’s! there will always be a nurse, hairdresser, beauty therapist, carer within that group class. Again you are using your hands and being creative. Yes, I am THE nosiest person in the world and I love to know all of my students stories especially if they are sitting right in front of me. Peoples lives fascinate me.

Piping buttercream flowers is so therapeutic, as you’ve probably already discovered (as well as being extremely infuriating when you discover your nemesis flower). If you’re anything like me I completely lose myself and go into my own little world listening to my podcasts and learning through listening while I create my works of art.

I am completely calm, not really thinking about anything. Until one of the kids or Lee comes in and asks how I am getting on? GET OUT… it’s my time, my therapy.

There are quite a few different groups of students that I teach. Some are Hobby bakers that want to learn a new skill and make buttercream flowers for family and friends. They have no intention of starting a business. I envy my hobby bakers, not having the pressure of customers. I am determined to take up a hobby at some point in the near future that doesn’t involve cake lol. Actually it might end up being a baking hobby I would love to learn how to make the cookies with the fancy design with icing.

The are some that want to add buttercream flowers to their already existing cake business as a bolt on… Adding buttercream flowers to your repertoire will elevate your business to the next level. Being able to offer these beautiful flowers to add to say your cream tea packages or big cake business is a wonderful addition, as they are not time consuming and are in and out of your kitchen the same day if necessary. Also a quicker earner.

A huge proportion of my students are complete beginners. Some having never picked up a piping bag before. They also want to set up their own cake business whether it’s part time or full time. Lockdown taught us all so much! Especially those who were not happy in their current employment, lining the pockets of an employer rather than your own pocket was the biggest revelation. And, that life is too short to be unhappy, we spend so much of our lives working so why not enjoy along the way. “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Being in charge of your own business is so empowering. Yes there is pressure because you can’t pass the blame onto someone else if something goes wrong. Its all down to you, but that is also a blessing! You get to choose your hours, the days you want to work and what you want to offer your customers. The pride in owning and running your own business is priceless. Earning your own money rather than having to ask your other half for some money. That was my win! I will buy that coat and I don’t have to justify it. Not that Lee ever did that but it’s just empowering.

So if you haven’t already we would love to hear from you with your story. Why you started and what it’s unearthed for you personally.

Whichever category you fit into… I’m so happy you’re here.

I hope that my courses are giving you the therapy you need, remember that your work is unique to you. Develop your own style and don’t try and be like someone else, be YOU….

Lots of love,

Jane x

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