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I posted a question on Instagram a few weeks back, asking what other bakers thoughts were on business etiquette? ie. what were their feelings on tagging another business if they were inspired by them? The post said “Hello you lovely lot🌸I was talking with a fellow baker about what we think the general ‘bakers manners, etiquette and rules’ are and would love to know what you think? Depending on the interaction I may even turn this into a little blog for my site with your answers! I personally think when I am inspired by another bakers produce you should @ tag them into your post. I also think you should help other bakers when they ask questions… let me know what you think!”

To my relief everyone had the same opinion! I myself have been inspired by Petal and Peach Bakery in Australia hence where my ‘Elegance’ range came from with my spin on her designs.  And of course I @ her immediately as this was not my idea, so of course I cannot take the credit.  She immediately replied saying how beautiful they were.

I see my designs all over Instagram because of my online tutorials which I absolutely love, one of the best parts of what I do… but some do still seem to claim them as their new flowers 🥴 quite disheartening, but it comes with the job.  

Here are some of the comments left on my post:


Absolutely help each other out😃we all know something different and certainly not everything😃xx


“Same here. I’m still a newbie but yes definitely credit when and if it’s due and even I’ve been asked advise which I’m happy to give or point the person in the right direction of someone else who may know. all the ladies and gents I follow are all so lovely though. bakers are the best 🤗💖🙌”


“I’m still new to the cake world and have progressed from just being able to pipe a rose swirl to being able to create a passable cupcake bouquet in just a few months. I couldn’t of achieved this without the help and advice from lovely cake makers. So I’m all about supporting each other. If I ever get to the stage when I can help or advise others I’d be only too willing. Jane Taylor you are my inspiration! 🌺🌹”


“I thinks it’s so lovely when people help each other out by answering questions and giving advise when asked.

I’m simply trying to learn how to pipe lovely flowers in between being my little girls main carer and find inspiration from you Jane. Your work is so lovely and I hope one day I can be as good as you. I have just brought some new Progel colours to practice some lovely tulips and also start to teach myself how to make the flowers. Thank you for all being so lovely 💕😘”


“I’m more a cook than a baker but I’ve seen your beautiful flowers on Instagram and have been inspired to make my own. You helped when I didn’t know which nozzle to use. As a graphic designer myself for many years I know there’s no sure thing as an original idea, just a twist on an old one.”


“Definitely agree! I’m always happy to answer questions if fellow bakers ask me. I think we are all so similar in that we express our creativity in a similar way, and we can draw inspiration from each other.”


“Helping each other out. We can all learn from each other whether we are seasoned or new at this. I’m new and self taught. I would have never come to where I am without the help of my fellow instagram baker friends. They have answered questions, offered videos and given me all kinds of advice. Thanks to all who took the time to happily share their knowledge. I will do the same if the opportunity arises. 😘”

Annaliese Blundell

“Pupils don’t learn if teachers don’t teach. That’s my pearls for today. Xx”

What great comments!

Long may manners and etiquette continue to rule all social media platforms.

Jane x

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