Hi all! #stillnotjanet here (for those of you that follow Jane on Instagram you will know that I am actually Frances from Rockpool Creative, one of Jane’s best friends and Jane’s marketing & admin slave 😜 shhhh don’t tell her I said that, she may sack me!) Jane wanted to launch a Baking Cheerleaders campaign for the WHOLE of June. Here is a little bit about baking cheerleaders from Jane –

SO what does that mean?
For the WHOLE of June, from 1st – 31st Jane challenges you ALL to comment, like, share AND FOLLOW your fellow bakers, every day, on at least THREE posts from THREE different bakers. Jane will be doing it too! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see other bakers comment on your hard work? Plus, as Jane rightly says “Acts of random kindness are good for the soul”.

Let’s build each other up! Use the #bakingcheerleaders in your posts across all platforms to make them easy to find.

There also happens to be a secret “hack” hidden within this campaign, to try and ‘break’ the dreaded social media algorithms by encouraging you all to “notice” each other… So, we have an idea we would like to try.

Heres what you would need to do –

  1. In the FABULOUS and empowering Baking Cheerleaders group there will be THREE pinned/featured post at the top of the group, one for Facebook, one for Instagram and one for TIKTOK – here, post a link to YOUR OWN favourite bouquet, or piece of work you are really proud of, it can be from Facebook, Instagram or TIKTOK just make sure you put it under the right post for your platform.
  2. If each of you wonderful bakers follow one of the links posted here, liked, followed, commented or even shared your fellow cheerleader’s posts as well as at least two other bakers posts that you have found organically via your own platform, we have a suspicion the poor algorithm will have a melt down and those who take part could all gain some favourable traction across their social media platforms (fingers crossed)!!!

The more people who get involved with empowering and motivating each other, the greater the result of this little experiment could be – so get liking, following, commenting and even sharing each other’s work as much as you can! Who doesn’t need a little feel good every now and again!

NB. This will only work when you all jump on board the cheerleading train!

To share your post – go to the top right hand side of you Instagram post – three little dots – click copy link – find the Baking Cheerleaders post for INSTAGRAM and press paste, press the blue arrow. DONE!

Go to the post you wish to share the link of – click share – click More Options – click COPY – find the Baking Cheerleaders post for FACEBOOK and press paste, press the blue arrow. DONE!

Go to your video – click the three dots – click copy link – find the Baking Cheerleaders post for TIKTOK and press paste, press the blue arrow. DONE!

Not in the group? No problem at all, you can join here – NB. PLEASE answer all the questions! Or Admin Assist will automatically remove your request to join.

Remember, this isn’t about more followers, although wouldn’t that be lovely! Nor is it about stealing each others work. It is about building each other up, openly. And to quote Jane(t) ‘Other bakers shouldn’t be your competition, they should be your allies, we are all in this together’.

Please comment below if you would like any help or assistance, or of course you can email admin on admin@taylormadecakecourses.com.



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