Yes they are back and I am so excited.  

After the roaring success of last year’s Buttercream Bloom Awards I am running them again this year. It took a lot of thought as to when the best time would be to launch this year, and as August tends to be a quiet time for (most) bakers I thought that would be the best month for launch. 

There was over 400 entires last year with over 17 thousand votes between them! WOW!

You can enter from 1st August. Entries close on 20th August, voting closes on 31st August. Winners will be announced on social media 1st September.

As I am sure you know, so much goes into these awards behind the scenes, prep, talking to the sponsors, tech and more.

If this is your first year entering I wish you all the luck in the world.  There were a variety of different bakers last year from complete beginners to pro bakers, all showcasing their beautiful work.  If you are a beginner…GO FOR IT! What have you got to lose!? 

Note:  there were a handful of entrants who withdrew their entries as they felt it was unfair because there were so many bakers with a high following and felt that they didn’t stand a chance!  You couldn’t be more wrong and the proof was in the pudding (pardon the pun).   

One of the winners had been in business for a matter of months with only a few hundred followers.  She was clever with the marketing of her own small business.  It is down to you to ride this competition until the wheels fall off,  Share on all socials, family and friends. You should be proud to be a participant! 

Another winner displayed ‘award winning baker’ across all of her social within moments of her placing. That, is clever. It stands you alone from your local bakers. 

There are many fab prizes to be won from the amazing sponsors, but if I’m honest its not just about the prizes, it’s about the accolade. Again, being an ‘award winning baker’ sets you apart from others.

As it worked so beautifully and seamlessly last year I am not changing any of the categories….BUT I am adding one! This is the new HONOURABLE MENTION Category. This is going to be a special entrant category which asks you to tell your story. This could be that you have overcome some sort of adversity, perhaps you have managed to start your business to help your family or maybe you are just very proud because it is the first time you learnt to do something on your own fruition, maybe piping is the only thing that is ‘yours’. The form for this entry will be live at the same time as the other categories. Rockpool and I will choose this entry. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A BUSINESS TO ENTER.

4 Seasons/Categories

SPRING:  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

SUMMER: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

AUTUMN: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

WINTER: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze

And then 4 runners up for each category. 

You can only vote once for each category. 

It is important to note I DO NOT vote in the seasonal categories, nor does anyone from Rockpool. I could never choose between them all… so to be honest it is a relief lol. 

This is an opportunity to champion one another, to encourage one another. 

This is an opportunity to have something else to talk about on your social channels, some different content, and a chance to show that bouquet you so love, AGAIN on social media.

The rules are here. But a couple of important points:

1. The work you enter must be your own and you must own the right to your image 

2. Your image must be buttercream flowers in whatever way you would like to display them, big cake, flat lay, bouquet, on your head lol etc. 

3. KINDNESS IS KEY as you know I am a real advocate for encouraging one another, please remember be kind, this is a zero tolerance area as you know lol 😉

There will be bakers of all abilities and experience and good, because in my mind, thats what makes the world go round. 

GOOD LUCK! I cannot wait to see all of your work. 

Jane x 

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