Have you heard of Olbaa Cake Boxes yet? I hadn’t until 2 years ago when I came across their cupcake boxes in 2021 via Instagram.  They are a game changer for us buttercream flower cupcakers! They offer tall cupcake boxes which allow our tall flowers to fit without them being squashed and plenty of spacing for our larger buttercream flowers.  I contacted them to order some, this is when our relationship began.  

Haf and Rachel are the founders of Olbaa Cake Boxes.  A husband and wife team which I just loved.  Their story, Rachel was an established baker and struggled to find boxes that worked for her cakes and cupcakes.  Haf designed the boxes and that’s where their business started.  Their business model and brand is second to none, it all boils down to their attitude and the mindset to succeed.  I wanted to work with them as I loved their whole business model and their passion for producing a top quality product.  From the off we hit it off, a mutual respect is there which is essential.  

A year later they asked me to be a guest on their new Podcast “My baking journey” I jumped at this as I do love to talk, not sure if you know that…

I was slightly nervous as I wasn’t sure what they were going to ask, but I went out of my comfort zone and just went for it.  We discussed pricing and knowing your worth as a business owner.  This is something small business owners struggle with, it seems to be a common issue.  I have written a blog myself about “knowing your worth” as I felt this was something that needed to spoken about.  Topics like, not discounting your product, standing firm with your pricing, making sure you are making money etc.  Let’s face it this is why we do this, to make money.  We are not a charity, especially in the current climate.  It’s one of my most read blogs on my website so please do go and have a read.  

After recording the podcast with “My baking journey” it was announced that I was going to be episode 1 eeeeeeeek! I was concerned how my honestly and bluntness would be received but according to Has and Rachel its one of the most downloaded episodes so for that I am proud.  

I do have slight and I mean slight concern sometimes just how blunt I am but to be honest some people need the kick up the bum to put things into perspective.  So many people allow feelings to get in the way when it comes to running your own small business. Yes you must have passion or the business wouldn’t succeed but you also need to run your business with head not your heart.  What I mean by this is not being offended by people you don’t even know.  Not getting wounded if you get criticism.  If it’s healthy criticism then that is valuable.  You need to listen to your customers.  If you have 5 or 6 customers saying the same thing to you, for example, cakes a bit a dry, the box was too flimsy!  Then take stock of what they are saying and see how you can address these issues.  Listen to the signs.  Equally if have no complaints and one customer randomly complains don’t take it to heart.  You will always have a trier so make sure your Terms and Conditions are airtight.  If there’s a problem with a cake or cupcakes you want to see the evidence! If they’ve eaten them all they clearly weren’t that bad.  Also, look at the number of complaints I have had 2 in 8 years, it’s not even a number… so put it into perspective.

Getting back to Olbaa, as the podcast was such a success Haf and Rachel decided to do a live podcast at the Cake and Bake Show in Olympia London.  They asked their followers who they’d like to have on this podcast and apparently they asked for me!!! I was totally and utterly gobsmacked and said yes happily.  I love Haf and Rachel and will help them anyway I can.  

The live podcast happened last Saturday and it was brilliant.  Haf said there were lots of people nodding in the audience which is always a bonus.  I was as blunt as ever, I will not change who I am to suit other people, this is me like it or lump it.

After the podcast finished I had so many people come up to me for a chat after and one lovely lady thanked me straight away saying “you just made a light bulb go off in my head”. YES! she was baking lots of things she hates doing but not concentrating on her passion.  So I said to her so what are you going to do now? She said just offer what I love to do and is popular. 

I have to say,  I am so lucky to have Rockpool Creative by my side, being my sounding board.  Not everyone has this, for that I know I am privileged.  Being a baker can be very lonely, so make sure you make baker friends, please remember they are not your competition.  You are all in this for the same reason, to make money.   Also, join my Facebook group Baking Cheerleaders, its an amazing community of over 7k like-minded bakers all working in this industry helping each other and just sharing their work.  It’s not like most cake groups there is zero tolerance for being unkind, there is no warning you are just removed.  The idea of this group is in its name! Be each others baking cheerleader.   

There was another lady who has everything set up to start a business but just won’t make that jump.  I said “why, what’s stopping you?” She didn’t have an answer, so as always I was blunt and said to her and her husband when you go home set it up, its just a Facebook page to start with, you have nothing to lose.  She agreed as she already had all the equipment.  Just go for it……

If you have the right mindset and outlook on life you WILL succeed.  Manifest what you want to happen in your business.  If something doesn’t work, change it.  Be prepared and willing to evolve your company at whatever rate.  My business evolves every year.  Now just start believing in your product and your brand and you will fly.

I cover so much of this and more in my Business Course…and I have decided to split the modules and sell them individually! Sometimes you just need a snippet. And after all of these discussions, I have brought the price of my Business Course down to just £50 from £125. Then it covers it’s fees and hopefully you will all be able to make some more progress.

To wrap up I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Haf and Rachel for asking me to take part in the live Podcast “My baking journey” it was an honour as always.  

Happy piping 

Love Jane x 

Ps. The Cake and Bake Show was EPIC, the footfall was insane and so easy to get to.  I really enjoyed it. What an amazing atmosphere! I also couldn’t believe there was a train that pulled up at the doors of the Show.  Winner!

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