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I’m often asked how I achieve my colours in my cupcake bouquets? 99% of the time I use Rainbow Dust Progel colours they are fantastic for achieving all shades! For a very pale, subtle shade you use the tiniest amount and for a deeper, more vibrant colour you add more to your buttercream frosting until you achieve the desired colour!

One tip I will share is that if the weather is hot don’t add as much because your hands heat the buttercream frosting, in turn, making it darker! Don’t panic if this has happened you can add either more buttercream to lighten the colour or add some Wilton whitener!

When making your buttercream flowers, its best to plan your flowers beforehand and work out the layout if you are making a cupcake bouquet! It’s so important to be symmetrical 🌸 I’ve noticed some of my students making beautiful buttercream flowers but when it comes to the construction of the cupcake bouquet it doesn’t quite flow. 🌸

Always make sure you start with the lightest colour first. If you are piping white tulips for example, do them first, then pipe the next lightest shade – that way you aren’t wasting buttercream, plus this makes colouring the buttercream frosting so much easier.

Never throw away left over coloured buttercream frosting! Put it all together in one bowl and add a good squirt of Progel purple and this will make a gorgeous Cadbury’s colour! Your buttercream frosting will keep in the fridge for a

s long as the use by date states on the packet of butter.

Dealing with this abnormal heat!

It’s every bakers worst nightmare. Fondant is a sticky mess! Buttercream frosting is virtually impossible! But if like me you have no choice but to use buttercream then here are a few tips:

1. Invest in a portable air con unit, you can purchase them for around £250, a worthwhile investment. 2. If this isn’t feasible, do all of your piping very early in the morning when its cooler. 3. Don’t overload your piping bag because your hands will just heat up the buttercream frosting making it melt and go darker. 4. If you feel your hands heating up, stop and run them under the cold tap before continuing. 5. Once piped, leave your buttercream flowers long enough for them to crust over, if they still don’t pop them in the fridge for 10 mins just long enough for you to assemble into your cupcake bouquet.

Hopefully the weather will turn soon and help us bakers out a bit! 🌸

Happy piping everyone!

Jane x

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