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I’m often asked how I come up with my designs! The answer is go into supermarkets and look at bunch of real flowers 💐 Instagram is also amazing for following florists who have just as much passion for real flowers as I do for the buttercream version.

I generally design new flowers when my customers say to me ‘you choose’ and give me free rein! My new flowers are not always botanically correct but they are piped the ‘Taylor Made Way’ it is my take on the flower.  As there are so many varieties of one flower the one I pipe and name isn’t necessarily someone’s else’s view of that flower! My main aim is to make my cupcake bouquets as realistic as possible.

When I have my 1:1 sessions my students often ask me how I manage to pipe so many in one day when sometimes it can take them hours to make 1.  The answer is being organised.  If I have for example 6 cupcakes bouquets to make that day I will take a pen and paper and write down:

•the flowers I want to pipe • the colours I am going to use •how many varieties of flowers depending on the size •then write all the lightest flowers first •then go up in shades to the darkest

To keep my workstation area tidy I simply have 2 bowls one for rubbish one for used nozzles and empty and clear away straight away.

My biggest tip is to have wet wipes.  I use them to wipe the sides and nozzles if they need wiping. And most of all my hands because even though I love my job I absolutely hate buttercream on my hands 🤣

I must say though this did take some time for me to get organised! When I first started my husband used to come home and think we’d been burgled!

For anyone who has just started out, it seems chaos to start with but over time everything will fall into place.

Happy piping

Jane x

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