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When I look back at when I first set up my business I cannot believe the amount of products I bought.

You can get easily sucked into compulsive spending.  I have 20 rolls of cellophane, all different brands of colouring, 50k piping bags that split all of which I don’t use and the list goes on.

I wish I had someone that gave me the same advice I’m giving you 🤣 this is through my own experiences.

For example:

When choosing your cellophane go for a clear cellophane with a white pattern, that is all you need it goes with whatever colour palette you have chosen.

To set up a cupcake/cupcake bouquet business you need minimal  products at a minimal cost to you.  This way you are very quickly gaining a profit on your cupcake business.

Here is a list of my best investments:

  • iPhone 8+
  • Backdrop from Amazon.
  • Kitchen aid or similar stand mixer.
  • Dualit handmixer.
  • Large and small mixing bowls from Hobbycraft.
  • Tala palette knives.
  • Sainsbury’s silicone spatulas.
  • Sainsbury’s vase.
  • Ilauke 15” piping bags from Amazon.
  • Scissors.
  • Progel colours: pink, purple, yellow, green.
  • Sugarflair red extra.
  • Ryepac cupcake cases.
  • Sainsbury’s muffin tins.
  • Tips and nozzles from The Vanilla Valley.
  • Russian Nozzles from Sugar & crumbs(again choose 1).
  • Cellophane from Country Baskets.
  • Acid free Tissue paper (white, pink, yellow, purple and green) from eBay.
  • Bows from Aliexpress.
  • Weighted sellotape machine.

That’s it 🙌 it looks a lot but it really isn’t.

Social media is key 🔑

I started my business purely through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  

There is the classic quote  ‘You only get out what you put in’ you can’t expect to be mad busy if no one knows you’re there 🤷🏻‍♀️ Post everyday on all social media platforms, stick in people’s minds.  Like me, you may think oh no people are going to get sick of seeing my cakes… but they don’t.  

Don’t forget to state on all of your social media platforms that your prices are ‘introductory’ this gives you more leverage to justify your price increase when you are ready to do so.

Don’t invest in a website from the start you need to build up a good following otherwise your website will be lost in cyberspace.

Take a decent photograph of your creations.  Not like I’ve seen in one where there was a Fosters beer can in the background 🙈 make sure the light is right if not try again later.  Edit your photos through Instagram, and please add hashtags # so many don’t which means only the people that follow you will see it ✨

And most of all DON’T put #’s on your Facebook posts 🙈 big no no.

If you’d like more help with understanding social media and how to start your business I have a fantastic video available on my website produced by my marketing team FES ENTERPRISES.

I hope this has helped and please think hard about your purchases.

Jane x

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