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I have made cakes for famous people before but this DM in my Instagram inbox was a stop breathing moment!

The legend herself Alison Hammond asked me to make her birthday cupcakes for her party last Saturday🎈 I was so overwhelmed number one that she knew who I was and number two, loved my work enough to ask me to make them. Of course I said yes! My kids were squealing, we all love Alison so much in this house. She is hysterically funny and her zest for life is addictive.

We were eating dinner and the kids all said are you nervous to make them for Alison Mum?

My answer was why would I be nervous? I’ve never understood this question! I’m asked it a lot, like when you’re asked to do weddings etc. I know my job, I know how to pipe flowers and make them look beautiful so why on earth would I be nervous?

The stuff I do get nervous about is the car breaking down on the way, or me becoming ill and not be able to make them.. that is nerve wracking!

It may sound like I’m being big headed but I’m really not, just stating fact! Again the same as I say to all of you, the customer liked what they saw and that’s why they’ve asked you to make their cupcakes…. Get my drift?

Alison requested tropical colours which if you know me well enough will know they are my favourite ❤️ I was in my element.

I haven’t piped an order for months as you will know I gave up piping for customers because everything was getting too much. Trying to answer all DM’s on socials l, creating stories and parcel being distributed, also coming up with new designs etc etc something had to give.

I’d prepped everything as I have explained before is key to a seamless day of piping. Cupcakes baked, 10 kg of buttercream made, boxes assembled, bows constructed and nozzles sorted. So all I had to do on the Friday was pipe. It did take me all day as I didn’t want to rush them! There were a lot of celebrities going to her party so it was my opportunity to wow them all. I was so happy with the results and fired up my love for piping again! Something I’ve been waiting to happen for the past 8 months.

It took Fran and I 3.5 hours to get to the venue, how beautiful it was too. We had a delicious lunch and then it was time to unload the cupcakes. Lou the co-ordinator was so lovely telling me in all the years he’d been in the industry he’d never seen such beautiful cupcakes ❤️ he personally took Alison’s cupcake bouquet to her room so it was there for her arrival! And a box of assorted cupcakes for her son Aidan who was turning 18. I was meant to meet Alison but she was hours away and we needed to back home to our families! I am absolutely gutted, but I’m sure there will be another opportunity in the future.

I do have to let my 5 besties know now that they have been replaced which will be a tricky one, for them not me 🤣 Alison IS my new best friend chatting to her on Instagram and her leaving me voice notes 🤣 all I can say is, it was an honour and a privilege to of been part of Alison’s birthday! Alison said herself that I made her birthday 🥳

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I’m asked all the time to make orders for people but now I feel ready to start up again! Instagram and it’s algorithms are making life very hard for us story tellers! Out of 303k followers only showing 800 of them my stories and posts! It’s soul destroying.
IT IS PANTS!!!!! to be honest so throwing myself back into piping will feed my soul! And also I love meeting my customers (as long as they turn up on time). So to get myself back in the swing I’m doing a one off Mother’s Day! One design, one colour in two different sizes.

As you’ll know I’m very regimented when it comes to big events and normally I offer two designs two different colours but to ease myself back in I kept it simple. They don’t look simple by the way 🤣 just simple to work out what I need to pipe!

Within minutes of putting my post up my order book was filling up. The kind words from all my customers saying how happy they were that I’m taking orders again was so lovely to hear ❤️


Love Jane x

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