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Baking is a love, a passion that I think about throughout the day and even dream about! I find myself looking into my garden and at nature and find inspiration from all of these beautiful things.

To Dream of Cupcakes… it might be your thinking about all sweet things that are coming your way – if you’re looking forward to something in your waking life such as a holiday….

Flowers are a thing of beauty and to create cupcakes that look like flowers is a magical thing, my customers faces light up when they see them and that is all I need to keep me going when I’m tired or things don’t go according to plan! which happens quite a lot, I might add!
I have a background in interior design and was a chef so both creative roles that I have applied to my business, attention to detail, colour matching.
To have a job that you love and wake up every morning excited to do is amazing and I feel very lucky.

Amanda Stanley

The Posh Cupcake Company

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