You will find out of all of the big calendar events of the year Mother’s Day is by far the busiest! Well it most certainly has been for me over the past 6 years.

A bouquet of beautiful blooms that you can eat has always been that unique and bespoke gift.  So prepare yourselves, you will be busy.

Now there’s no need to get in a flap or get yourself worked up as it can be quite daunting looking at your diary and realising just how many bouquets you have to pipe in one day.  But there is no need to panic I’m going to give you some Taylor Made tips on how to make it stress free and streamlined.

You can get prepared for Mother’s Day days in advance!

Beginning of the week

Bake all of your cupcakes.  Once completely cold pop them in freezer bags.  I use large freezer bags from Waitrose they hold 24 cupcakes perfectly.  Lay the bag on the work surface and carefully place the cupcakes in one single layer. 

Did you know you can pipe straight onto a frozen cupcake!

It’s a game changer.  Flat ice as soon as you remove from the freezer.  People always worry that freezing cupcakes alters the texture of the cupcakes but it’s actually a scientific fact that freezing cupcakes makes them more moist!  So don’t worry! Also it sets the buttercream quicker making it easier to load your cupcakes into the cups.

Did you know you can make your buttercream days in advance?

Yes your buttercream will last in the fridge for as long as the expiry date on your pack of butter.  So make all of your buttercream in preparation for the big event.  Either put it in a bowl and covered with clingfilm or in a container with a lid. When it comes to the day of piping you can either take the bowl out of the fridge the night before or just take out what you need for the batch of flowers you are about to pipe and pop it in the microwave on high for 5 second spurts until you reach the perfect consistency, (Please note, when you do the 5 second spurts, when you say to yourself that almost the right consistency! That’s when it is right) because by the time you’ve added your colouring it will be perfect for piping. You can also freeze buttercream.  Make sure you get it out the night before.

Cups, cellophane, tissue paper, bows and boxes

You can get all of cups stapled and ready for Mother’s Day.

Cut all of your tissue paper.

Cut all of your cellophane.

Assemble all of your bows.

Put all of your boxes together if you’re boxing your 7 and 12 bouquets.

Now all that’s left to do is piping!!! WIN WIN

If you can do all of this beforehand it saves so much stress.

Now I pipe mine on the Friday, the day before collection! Again elevates stress because you know you’ll then be ready for everyone to collect the next day.  The cupcakes will still be fresh so don’t panic.

If you do get stressed on the day just stop and go and have a cup of tea! Give yourself a half hour break, and make sure you eat and drink plenty!  May sound silly but this is the sort of thing you forget to do when you’re engrossed in work.  

You can do this I know you can!!

Love Jane x 

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