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This is a topic of conversation for many small businesses, I am very lucky in the sense that this has only happened to me three times in three years so that’s not bad going really, however, when it does happen it unsettles you and makes you question and justify your pricing… ✋🏻 stop right there.  

It’s very easy for all of us to see something we like and think wow that’s expensive! Stop for a second and think about the time and effort that goes into what you are purchasing, also think about when you have an electrician come to your home for example, yes they are expensive but can you fix it yourself? Chances are no… So you pay for that professional to come and you pay for their services – the same applies to bakers!

Never knock your prices down because someone is moaning, also never do the ‘classic’ because they are having more than 12 you’ll offer a discount. Are you putting less effort in for more than 12? No, so why discount them?

Know your worth, and stick to it.

Customers who love and appreciate the work that has gone into your cupcakes will pay what they know they are worth.

This is what I wrote on my Facebook page👇🏻 the response was overwhelming so please remember the moaners are the minority.

“It literally pains me to write this as I am not a moaner!

But…. I’ve had a few things said this week that have riled me up beyond belief!

A request from a customer for 50 flower cupcakes! I gave her the price and she was outraged that my cupcakes weren’t £1 each??? The phone call was swiftly ended…

I’m going to list why when you order from me why you are not paying supermarket prices! I’ve written a post before on this but a few need reminding!!

Once you’ve placed the order with me I have to source everything that is required for your order!

Drive to the supermarket to get :

• Ingredients for the cupcakes, all homemade fresh to order, I don’t use cheap ingredients

• Possible toppers

• Cupcake cases, boxes, bows, cello tape,staples, tissue paper, ribbons and labels

• Turn my oven and make them, cook them, wait for them to cool down, pipe then wait for them to crust over! Assemble, add the finishing touches

• Wash up all the equipment

• Fill in my health and safety forms

•And then wait in for them to be collected

And before any of this was possible I have spent hours upon hours perfecting my work so that every single cupcake that leaves here is perfect.

Every single order I make is bespoke, I don’t have bog standard cupcakes, all Taylor Made Cakes are unique to that customers requirements.

So please, if you want to spend £1 a cupcake please go to your local supermarket and buy the cupcakes that are full of preservatives and crap quite honestly!!”

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all 99.9% of my customers that are just lovely and appreciate quality 🌸🌸”

To sum up, when you know and understand how much time and effort goes into making your product, NEVER let anyone make you feel like you are too expensive. They are always welcome to pop along to the supermarket and get as many £1 cupcakes as they wish!

Jane x

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