“I’d never be able to pipe that”

The most common comment on my adverts and pictures! Well I’m writing this blog today because after seeing this comment for the umpteenth time I felt it only fitting to show you, you can! Anyone can, you don’t even have to of picked up a piping bag before.

I have over 10,000 students now worldwide who are producing THE MOST AMAZING work! Actually if I’m being honest, they are giving me a run for my money 💰 it’s obviously not something you try once and master it immediately, it does take practice, but if you have a passion for it, or you need to find something that’s therapeutic and takes you away from this hectic world we live in… then look no further!

I will never get tired of the look on my students faces when they first pipe a flower is ‘magical’ and if I could bottle it and sell it I would be a millionaire 🤣 I had one lovely lady actually scream and hug me (when we were allowed to touch each other) you can’t beat that feeling.

Every time my students post their bouquets on my private Facebook group my mouth drops. I’m so damn proud of each and everyone of them, there is one lady who struggled with the chrysanthemum which I have to say is the hardest one to pipe, once she’d mastered it she was so proud of herself and so she should be.

Here are a few examples of my students work, bare in mind some haven’t been doing it for very long at all.. they absolutely rock 🙌🏻 they are also making lots of money, this is a very very profitable business if you decide to start a small business! The outlay to start this business is minimal, and you instantly reap the rewards. Not just financial, the reward of your customers faces and the praise you receive.

In the words of Miles Cyrus “it’s a climb, but the view is great” Hahahaha

Happy piping

Jane x

Wendy Worsley – Kent, UK | Johana Trevizo – Michigan, US | Ajya LaNique Winton – Nevada, US | Emma O’Donnell – Kent, UK | Diane Hall – Kent, UK | Amanda Stanley – St. Albans, Hertfordshire UK | Dawn Renton – Anglesey, UK | Amy Trodden Jankauskas – New Jersey, US| Maria Geater Newbury, Berkshire, UK | Nickie Bonner – Banbury Oxfordshire, UK | Anette Albinsson – Vetlanda, Sweden | Chloe Mercer – Lancashire, UK | Sharon Burgess – Bradenton Florida, US | Lisa Keehn – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Kirsty Ede – Norfolk, UK | Jane Tucker York, UK | Miranda van den Hoven – Netherlands | Tanya Nafe – Austin Texas, USA | Dana Jury – Jupiter, Florida, US | Amanda Hearn – UK | Jacqui McFadden – Belfast, Northern Ireland | Farhana Uddin –  Ealing, West London | Rachel Thompson – College Station, TX, US | Andrea Badcock – St Albans, UK | Maria Isabel Franco – La Paz, Bolivia | Marlo Gravunder – Wisconsin, US | Jill Trekki – Brighton, UK | Kofo Newbury – Milton Keynes | Tracy Bakes – Edinburgh, UK | Tarine Tarrinee – Thailand | Pat Smith – Leeds, UK | Gaby Leman – Burmuda

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