I’m often asked why I don’t offer sales or discounts?

There are quite a few reasons for this!

First and foremost its because I value my product and my business. I have worked so hard over the past 6 years getting it to the stage its at now.

If you are anything like me, when you want to purchase something and you know that company will be having a sale, you’ll wait for the sale.  When we had our extension built at home I used Laura Ashley for the paint the lights and the curtains.  Now Laura Ashley had sales all the time so no way was I going to pay full price so I just waited.  And that’s how your customers will see you from then on, from the moment you first run a sale!  They’ll just wait for the sales.  It also screams that your company is desperate and struggling… I’m not desperate and I’m not struggling.

I am well aware that money is tight for some, especially over the last year.  From the moment I started teaching I offered free content on YouTube.  I literally have enough free content on YouTube for my students to start their own businesses.  From buttercream flower piping video tutorials to how to photograph your work.

I also don’t charge students for my buttercream recipe and cupcake recipes.

When you’ve purchased one of my wrapping tutorials or bundles you are eligible to join my private Facebook Community Page.  In this group you can ask as many questions as you like and show your beautiful work to the whole community.. It’s a wonderful group.  

The reason I don’t allow everyone that’s ever purchased a video is because if you’ve paid £99 for a bundle and then someone who’s bought 1 £5 its not fair on the £99 student.. Because naturally if someone sees something beautiful and asks what tip did you use? How did you wrap the bouquet like that? it’s not fair when they’ve paid for the tutorial and you are giving the advice for nothing.  It’s nothing to do with my profit it’s all to do with being fair.

There is also so much information on my website.  My suppliers list, blogs on anything and everything.  I don’t hold back on information.

Secrets are pointless.

Happy piping  Jane x 

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