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I actually always get a little bit nervous of my One to One classes ☺ I don’t know why because 99% of the time they are just brilliant and I always go home buzzing. I suppose it’s because it’s one person you are spending 4 hours with and making 4 hours worth of conversation. Now for me and my gang of best friends this is an absolute doddle hahaha. Fran and I can spend 8 hours with each other and the nattering doesn’t stop. But for someone you’ve never met before can be quite difficult especially if they aren’t very chatty. I had one lady that probably said 4 words in the entire 4 hours (longest 4 hours of my life) I can talk the hind legs off a donkey as most of my One to One students will tell you.

I like to think that’s what makes them feel comfortable, I consider myself to be a down to earth ‘normal’ person hahaha. I’m not a professional baker, no qualifications in baking. I’m actually a fully qualified beauty therapist and nail technician😀and mother of 5😊

I’ve had many students arrive at my cake studio looking like rabbits caught in the headlights! And quite scared to be honest😦 after speaking with them to put them at ease I soon realise why! They often tell me when they’ve attended other classes that the tutor is very dictorial and critical….. this is shocking for me to hear. The way I perceive it is, it’s a compliment that they have chosen to come to ME and pay a lot of money to come to ME.. so in return it is my obligation and pleasure to teach them as much as humanly possible in that 4 hours and more than anything else enjoy it.

I am asked why it’s expensive for a 1:1?

My 1:1 price is purely based on what I can earn in that day if I was piping orders. It isn’t just a case of me turning up 5 mins before you arrive. It’s an hour +prep to get everything in place. Bake the cupcakes, make buttercream. Get the food for snacks etc. Then teach for 4 hours which actually always, always goes over. Then the 1.5 – 2 hours clear up and deep clean. I don’t make my classes any longer than that because it’s too much information to take in. I don’t ever hold back on my secrets. I even tutor you to start your own business and what you need to put in place. So that’s why it’s the price it is.

I love it when a One to One is shared with two best friends…double the fun! I am often asked do I charge more for it? No, I never mind people sharing between them.

In fact, I’ve had two wonderful ladies in today for a One to One class (well 1:2) one of the ladies was one of my customers from last year, I made her wedding bouquets 💐 we had the best day and they produced amazing work, one of the ladies hadn’t even picked up a piping bag before.. I’m so proud of them both.

One of the ladies asked me why I share all of my secrets?

This is what I think sets me apart from other tutors. It is my ultimate goal for all of my students to be successful. If I didn’t explain how I do absolutely everything then they are not going to succeed and that is a reflection on me. I have hundreds of students online now and the work they are producing is beyond amazing. So in turn makes me super proud that I helped that journey. May sound obnoxious but that’s how I feel.

If you’d like to come for One to One don’t be nervous we are going to have a ball 🙌🏻

Jane x

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