Believe it or not having pricing structures can help up your customers spend.

Now if you’re about to buy a gift for a friend you will consciously or subconsciously have a budget in mind. For me I’d spend around £25 depending on how much I love them! (Not even joking) so if you start your cupcake bouquets at a much higher price than that you are ostracising potential customers who have less disposable income!

You can be mistaken for thinking my three bundles correspond to my pricing structure for cupcake bouquets! They do not!

Prime example: I had a student attend one of my location classes and it took her 1 hour to perfect the swirl rose! This is not a problem at all, this course is in my beginners bundle. Yet she piped my Veronica flower in 2 minutes with no hiccups! Now that’s an intermediate course so it all boils down to what you find easiest to pipe and what takes you that little bit longer.

Don’t get me wrong when I first started out my first 7 cupcake bouquet took me 4 hours and my kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off! I was head to toe in buttercream! Nightmare! My first thought was if that’s taken me 4 hours how on earth is this going to be profitable? I can promise you it is…

It’s like when you learn to drive…They show you how the car works and then once you’ve passed your test you actually then learn to drive! I don’t know about you but when I’m driving I’m not saying to myself ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre! You just automatically do it don’t you! (Well I hope you do)? And it’s the same for piping I show you how to operate a piping bag and learn how to pipe flowers, you then go off and perfect it! It’s just practice nothing more, nothing less. Even down to knowing the nozzles, it’s frequency of practice!

The more you practice the quicker you become! You’ll be pleased to know I’ve
Got my time down now for a classic 7 bouquet from 4 hours to 15 minutes! Winner

You must remember when doing essential research of local bakers, that this is just a guide. We are appealing to the GIFT market not the cake market! It’s art! they are not just simple chocolate cupcakes with a ‘Mr Whippy’ swirl of icing. They are floral cupcakes! Bespoke for every order.

My prices are here for you –

I have done some market research for prices for you:

• Classic 7 Bouquets tend to be within the £20 – £35 range

• Deluxe 7 Bouquets tend to be within the £35-£50 range

• Luxury 7 Bouquets tend to be within the £35-£55 range

This can depend on area etc. But you can see here that the bouquets are really varied depending on the ‘level’ they are.

It cost you to purchase my videos, pay for electricity, pay for ingredients, source your stock & equipment etc… AND for your time! Make sure your prices reflect all of this and know your worth. You are not a charity you are a business.

I’ll give you a list of flowers I would use for each category – (I have now also added a free downloadable PDF with a suggested list of flowers for each category here)


For a classic cupcake bouquet I would NOT two tone any of the flowers! It needs to be quick and use solid colours. Remember when you are piping a classic 7 cupcake bouquet you only need one statement flower and this goes in the centre of the bouquet, make sure it’s the flower you load last.

Large petal rose
David Austin
Russian tulips
Swirl rose
Mini peonies

Keep it simple!


For my deluxe cupcake bouquets I would add some two toning to my flowers, so maybe on the mini roses or the main roses. I would also add some buds and or blossom! So they look more detailed. It’s basically a step up from classic with more intricacy. Flowers that take you that little bit longer.

Mini roses with buds
Mini sunflowers
Two Tone Mini Roses with Buds

Advanced carnation
Open David Austen
Apple blossom
Soprano Daisy


My favourite of all the categories to pipe! Mainly because I two tone all of the flowers, the leaves and add different foliage. These are an even bigger step up from the Deluxe. Luxury I feel are my more realistic looking cupcake bouquets. Much more intricacy and detail. This does not necessarily mean it will take you that much longer. It’s all about practice! I have so many two toning videos that are available on my YouTube channel.

Taylor Made Rose
Delicate petal mini roses with buds
Proteas (stunning for that wow effect)
Semi open tulips
Open tulips
Realistic sunflower
Realistic ranunculus
Hellebores onyx

I hope this helps you in understanding my pricing structures.

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